Changing Mindset To Earn More


Many claim that it’s really difficult to earn a lot of money, but is it?

These days, earning a lot of money is stigmatised. People believe it to be avaricious. People who are wealthy are frequently looked down upon. Many claim that it is quite difficult to produce large quantities of it.A part of you wants more of it even though you have debts to pay and goals to pursue. There is a lot of it. I most certainly do. You can see from looking around that our culture is one where you can obtain what you want if you have money to spare. The world in which we live is one of commerce. Simply accepting this is all that is necessary. Your ability to survive depends on money. You might purchase enjoyable items with it. However, it may also be utilised to improve the world, buy you more time, and provide you one-of-a-kind experiences.

Money is definitely helpful, whether it is spent for good or bad. Is money always considered as a bad thing if we utilise it to better our lives and the world around us? Despite the fact that I want to earn a lot of money, I am aware that I won’t be content if I don’t put it to use in remarkable or beneficial ways. Why shouldn’t having more money and spending it even more be a good thing if it can be utilised for such great good? Large sums of money are at stake. Is having a lot of money bad if it’s utilised to travel and learn, support our families, better the environment, and spread more beauty around the world?

If we want to produce good money, we must see money as a positive thing. Money, in my opinion, serves as a token of appreciation for helping someone who is in need. Perhaps those who have given up on their own aspirations and wish to hold us down believe that money is bad because they don’t want us to have it for ourselves? We are psychologically free to earn as much money as we want if we let go of the bad associations we have with it and realise that, when it is in the proper hands (i.e., Yours), it is essentially good and honest. I believe that while having too little money won’t make you happy, being poor won’t either, so you might as well increase your wealth.

Money does not come to people who take it too seriously, it is also important to note. People that make a lot of it consider it to be a game. They have an abundance mindset and do not revere wealth. Money has always seemed more elusive to me whenever I’ve taken earning it seriously and fretted excessively about losing it. I can’t be in awe of money if I accept it for what it is: a straightforward thank you in exchange for my own worth. I see it as a means of assisting myself through comprehending and assisting others. Making money might so stop seeming intimidating and above you and start to become pleasant.

This perspective suggests that perhaps after all, money can make us happy. In order to make money, we must shift our focus from asking, “How can I make more money?” to “How can I make money?” This way of thinking ignores how we can help others in favour of how we can help ourselves. Win or lose applies. And begin considering other things like how I can make people’s life better so they will pay me to say thank you. This is the right way to make money. Nowadays, we see money to be a tool for both our own and others’ benefit: a win-win situation. Bonus – What should I do to better the lives of millions of people who would pay me to do it? is a question that aspiring millionaires and billionaires should consider.

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  1. gpavants says:


    Like many things money is a tool. I don’t want to base everything on it because it is fleeting. However you are right we should consider how we use it.

    Hope all is good,


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    1. GS says:

      You are right Gary. Money isn’t everything. Hope all is well at your end. I am still taking each day as it comes 🙂


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