Relax to Recharge


How to Increase Your Energy and Remain Motivated: The Science of Recharging. Powering up through relaxation and sleep is crucial when your own battery is low.

In the fast-paced, globally connected world of today, it might seem as though we are always being pummelling by sensations and information. We are supposed to balance our daily personal obligations with keeping up with a never-ending stream of emails, messages, and social media notifications as well as staying generally informed about our world. Our bodies and brains have not developed to be able to process this constant stream of information. So it makes sense that many of us struggle to keep up with the demands of daily life and feel mentally and emotionally exhausted. It is crucial that we prioritise finding time to replenish our own batteries because of this. Once we achieve this, we can sustain our general well-being and approach life’s obstacles with new vitality and clarity.

So how do you go about doing that? In what sense does the phrase “recharge your personal battery” apply?
Our personal “batteries” also require replenishment to work at their best, just like a physical battery needs to be recharged frequently to be functional. Taking deliberate action to restore your physical, emotional, and mental vitality is known as “recharging your personal battery.” It entails taking part in exercises and rituals that promote rest, renewal, and the regaining of equilibrium and wellbeing. You may increase your focus and decision-making skills, strengthen your resilience, and alleviate stress and anxiety by taking the time to recharge. Here are some helpful pointers to help you do that.

Physical Rejuvenation

Your body can suffer while you’re under stress. You’re in that “fight or flight” phase when you’re under stress. I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot of times: When we needed to flee from a saber-toothed tiger rapidly, our bodies developed to be ready with adrenaline. Additionally, no saber-toothed tigers can be found in the area right now.
But there are a variety of triggers in our surroundings, including political and personal agitation, notifications and alarms, continual artificial light, honking horns, and fast-moving automobiles. All of these things act as miniature tigers and set off that small but powerful reaction. And it’s that constant state of “being on alert” that puts a strain on the body. We therefore require some relaxing, peaceful activities to calm those stressed nerves. Here are some suggestions for relaxing our physical bodies.

  • Stretch. It’s quite simple and efficient to do this. Your body can be recharged with just five minutes a day or so. Even better, practise yoga – enrol in a class once or twice a week, or discover a low-cost yoga app to keep you motivated. It operates superbly and feels wonderful!
  • Move. It’s true that all you want to do when you’re worn out is sit in front of a TV or computer screen and drift off. But your body won’t actually benefit from that. Try getting off the couch and doing something else. Take a little stroll around the neighbourhood or ride your bike. A 20-minute workout can give you energy.
  • Eat. Your body and your level of energy are in fact impacted by your food. Whole grains and starchy vegetables are particularly good sources of complex carbs. It’s also crucial to consume lean proteins and healthy fats. Maintaining a healthy weight is all about maintaining your body and brain in top shape. You can make healthy decisions whether you’re eating in a restaurant or at home.
  • Bathe. Your body and mind will benefit greatly from a warm Epsom salt bath. The salt is thought to contain chemicals that enhance muscle performance, lessen inflammation, and flush the body of impurities. You might use an exfoliating scrub while taking a bath. Natural scrubs (made from oats, salt, or other organic components) can revitalise your body by enhancing circulation, which can lower stress and increase vitality.
  • Sniff. Aromatherapy can help us tremendously when we’re anxious. Aromas like lavender, sage, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, and ylang-ylang can help you feel less stressed and anxious while also boosting your energy levels subtly.
  • Sleep. This is the ultimate body recharger and stress reliever. Adults require seven to nine hours of sleep per night, as you’ve likely heard before. You’ll probably feel exhausted, be unable to think clearly, and overall burn out if you don’t get enough sleep, like less than six hours per night.
  • Breathe. From the moment of birth till the moment of death, we do it without thinking. But deliberate, slow, deep breathing (also known as diaphragmatic breathing), has several advantages. Focus is improved, sleep is improved, and you recover from exertion more quickly when you breathe slowly and deeply. Slow, deep breathing is excellent for anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Rest. It’s crucial to give your body regular breaks if you don’t get enough sleep at night or if you work hard all day. Sleeping for even 20 to 30 minutes at a time can significantly improve your attentiveness. (However, if you have insomnia, avoid taking a nap during the day.)

Refresh your mind

When your brain is feeling stressed and overworked, it’s difficult to perform at your best. Here are some things you may do to feel more in control while still being motivated.

  • List. The brain appears to be programmed to forget positive information and remember unpleasant information. Making a list of your accomplishments can be helpful if you’re having self-confidence issues or feel like you can’t keep up or aren’t accomplishing enough. It need not be extensive. Just jot down a few things that will serve as reminders for you that you truly are exceptional.
  • Release. You certainly have made mistakes. Everybody has. However, worrying about them is completely useless. So, keep your attention on the future, your ambitions, and living a fantastic life. What about your errors or failures? Time to let them go is now.
  • Enjoy. Fun is necessary from time to time. In fact, maintaining mental health depends on it. What amuses you? Seeing a familiar face? Bike riding? visiting an arcade? Dancing? Try it.
  • Avoid. Do you know somebody who is too critical, constantly discusses their problems, or constantly brings up an embarrassing incident you’d prefer to forget? You don’t need those individuals around when you need to refuel your own battery. Try to maintain some apart from them, at least until you are sufficiently rested to smile and say hello to them.
  • Connect. However, those other individuals—the ones who exude joy and make you feel wonderful simply by being near them—spend more time with them. Enjoy the energy that a friendly connection brings.
  • Meditate. Another method for recharging your own batteries is meditation, which has several advantages. Simple meditations that might help you feel more at ease throughout the day are widely available as apps and online examples.
  • Pray. Even if you are not religious, praying can be a useful practise. It might reaffirm that there is a greater force at work in your life and help you connect with your purpose.
  • Single-task. Without a doubt, you’ve heard this statement numerous times: multitasking is bad. You become more prone to errors and experience stress as a result. So try concentrating on only one item at a time. You can stay focused by using checklists. Additionally, crossing things off your list may be really fulfilling!
  • De-tech. With their strong bonds to our hands, our phones have evolved into brain-extension devices. It can be extremely taxing to stare at anything for too long. Going down the social media rabbit hole can lead us to believe that everyone else has a flawless existence; the algorithms are cunning in this regard. Too much time spent staring at a screen, be it a phone, TV, computer, or anything else, strains our eyes and drains our vitality. Take periodic pauses. Recall the appearance of trees.
  • Write. A fantastic technique to relieve stress is to write about your feelings. Just a few minutes of writing each day can help you relax. You can work through any problems, make intentions for the things on your agenda, or discover reasons to be grateful for the day you’re ending.

Small lifestyle adjustments can have a significant impact on your happiness and success. Like anything else, these recommendations won’t be effective until you put the time and effort into them. Your health must be a top priority. And in this busy and fast-paced world, recharging your own batteries is crucial to sustaining your general well-being.

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