Do You Always Choosing The Safe Option?


Read This First Before Making The ‘Safe’ Decision

Because it’s safe, I say. That will be the explanation for why you should choose that item more often than not. The job. The spouse. The home. The education. Security is ultimately what matters, along with many other benefits that this item can provide for you. How frequently does your happiness or the sense that it’s the perfect thing for you appear in that long list of reasons? I’ve learned over the past few years that what I say no to is much more significant than what I say yes to. Saying no to the things you don’t want sends a message to the universe of what you don’t want, which is vital while being open-minded and willing to extend yourself in life.

What if that thing never comes? is a question I hear from friends quite frequently and have even thought to myself. Then again, why can’t I just be content with what I have right now? That’s when trust really matters, in my opinion. Putting your faith in your natural knowledge that you will meet the appropriate opportunities and people at the right time and for the right reasons, rather than putting your faith in a fictitious sense of security. I’ve been working on saying no to things lately, even if I don’t have any good, logical reasons for doing so, and trusting myself more. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what I have or that I haven’t fully experienced it; rather, it’s just that I know better things are on the horizon.

To some, it could seem absurd for me to leave something that is clearly in my line of sight and that I “know I have.” To place my trust in something outside of myself seems even more insane to me. To believe that human logic, which is frequently incorrect, and cultural conventions are more important than my own intuition is crazy. I believe that when we don’t immediately receive the answers, irritation sets in. Or x’s failure to succeed cannot be explained with certainty. You might not know immediately or ever. Despite this, I’ve discovered that it’s much more crucial to choose to stick with something that doesn’t feel right than it is to take a chance on what does.And if the result is altered? It’s ok too.

Toss the script and say, “because I’m secure,” as opposed to, “because it’s secure,” as your justification for choosing something. Here are a few instances: I feel safe with this individual, thus I choose to be with them. I’m confident in my own self-worth and love, therefore I made the decision to date someone who accepts me for who I am rather than based on a fabricated checklist. I’ve decided to accept this job since I feel confident in it. I’m confident that I’m choosing a job that values and values what I bring to the table since I know what those things are. Whatever form it takes in your life, what matters is that you have the confidence in yourself to choose what’s right for you.

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