Feel The Fear

Be Fearless Of Your Pain

I’ve been living in terror for too long before I realised it. in dread of experiencing any pain. I’ve built a wall around myself with the decisions I’ve made in my life, making everything I feel predictable. I can protect myself from anything that can cause pain there. The barrier, however, disintegrated since it was not designed to withstand the strong current of life. When reality pushes through a barrier, it cannot hold. Life, the challenging aspect of life from which I had carefully protected myself all this time, tore down my defences and left me exposed and defenceless. It will eventually do the same to you if it hasn’t already.

So, I’m here. feeling from the protection of my barrier what I’ve never had to. Without my walls’ insulation, it is uncomfortably and startlingly cold. Like a chilly January wind blast just threw me off balance. I understand that the barrier was never able to shield me from anything. In actuality, it weakened me. I couldn’t grow because it maintained a tight grasp around me and suffocated me with protection. I stayed in this stuffy location too long hiding. The pain and the work it took to construct my hiding place eventually caught up with me. And when it did, I had to learn the hard way that I had nothing to lean on because I didn’t have my walls. I lacked the strength to lean on myself.

I now understand the immense importance that pain has. Mainly because it hurts you. It has its roots in your personal experiences and resides in your innermost, most vulnerable self. Your companion and teacher is pain. It works for you to educate you about the world and about yourself. It’s actually friendly and not as terrifying as it first appears to be. It only seeks to make you stronger, wiser, and more resilient. When you feel lost, it’s like emergency flares blinking in the middle of a storm, encouraging you to turn inward for guidance.

So don’t ignore pain when it manifests. Embrace it and let it in. Allow whatever follows, whether it’s a shout, a cry, or the need to smack a wall. For a while, try walking side by side with your discomfort to see how it feels. Watch how it manifests in your life, in how you see the world and yourself. In how you seek for assistance and who responds to you when you do, both. Consider the lesson and insight it brings rather than how much it hurts.

You develop in ways you never imagined imaginable when you have the bravery to experience pain. You become aware of your true potential. You discover the lovely areas of yourself that you were unaware existed. You look down into the depths of your soul and sense the texture there. You look within. You also come out of the pain with your feet rooted more securely in the ground. Nowadays, it takes a lot more force to knock you over.

“Resilience” is now PUBLISHED!!!! Knowing yourself, your thought patterns, emotional reactions, and go-to behaviours, is the foundation of good mental and emotional health. This book will teach you when to step back, take a break, and make a change. It will share suggestions on how to let go of the old, unhelpful assumptions and take the leap. Any purchases or KDP reads will be greatly appreciated. If you like my books, do leave a review. Here’s my author page on Amazon – https://a.co/d/5Rr2D4n


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