Letting Go is Difficult But Necessary


Letting go takes time; it doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time to let go, but it only takes one day to decide to do so. It takes one day to wake up and make the decision that you are done bearing the weight or load that keeps you down. One day is all it takes to wake up and decide that you don’t want to feel this way any longer and that it’s time to take action. It only one morning for you to wake up missing the person you were before all the grief and weight. Sleeping with the intention of doing something, anything, to heal and recuperate requires one night.

Letting go doesn’t happen overnight, but it only takes one incident, one wake-up call, or one moment to make you wonder why you’re choosing to live a life of mediocrity rather than abundance, why you’ve decided that it’s easier to put up with the pain rather than let it go, and why you’re choosing to accept being stuck rather than being free. One small thing is all it takes to make you realise that you’ve been putting off dealing with significant issues. One startling occurrence is all it takes to convince you that you can no longer maintain your denial.

It takes time to learn to let go, but all it takes is one decision—a straightforward decision—to let go of the things you can’t alter, the people you can’t bring back, the job you were unable to obtain, or the partner you didn’t end up with. The reality is, the more you pursue the things that aren’t meant for you, the more difficult it will be to achieve peace. It just takes one choice to let go of all the things you wake up realising are not yours. Your life will get more chaotic the more things you cling on to that didn’t fit into it.

It takes time to let go, but it only takes one day to decide to do so. That one day might spare you a lifetime of suffering. One day to go through pain and break up with the part of you that wants to continue to struggle and live in the dark, the part of you that doesn’t want to let go out of fear, worry that if you let go, there won’t be anything left to grasp onto, fear that if you let go, your life would be dull or empty. the component that, for some reason, would prefer to feel pain than no emotion at all.

It takes one day to let go of that part and start fresh because letting go of everything that prevented you from feeling alive is the only way to fully welcome fresh starts, new hellos, new acquaintances, new possibilities, and new adventures. To begin with, you must let go of everything that caused you to be afraid of the future. It takes time to learn to let go, but it only takes one day to realise that even though you may have lost significant things and significant people, you still have yourself. For as long as you’re alive, you owe it to yourself to try to find happiness, to enjoy peace, and to discover how to raise yourself up by letting go of what brings you down.

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  1. Rochdalestu says:

    The longer you hold on to something the heavier it becomes.

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    1. GS says:

      Oh it does

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      1. Rochdalestu says:

        If you say to someone “can you pick that glass of water up and hold it with your arm out in front of you?” Then people will say “easy peasy, no problem!”. When you tell them to keep it there for the next six hours or so?!?! That’s a great way to show someone who maybe doesn’t know how it can impact on them if they don’t let go.

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      2. GS says:

        Perfect analogy 🙌🙌

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      3. Rochdalestu says:

        I remember that I blogged about it. I also remember why it came about too. I was in the pub with a few friends and one friend is that perennial hopeless romantic and falls in love after a lady makes eye contact with him. He was just not accepting the answers we gave him for the questions he was asking us about this lady friend he had. He’d spent a small fortune on a Christmas present and he was fuming about it (I said give it someone else or take it back?!?) so after about an hour or so we were all getting annoyed with the fact that we were asked for our opinion and then blanked because we didn’t say what was wanted. Basically someone said that longer he holds a candle for her, heavier it’ll become. He didn’t grasp the analogy so I said ‘hold your pint out arm straight’ ‘keep it there until I tell you otherwise’. I went to toilet, spoke to some other people and I got back and I didn’t expect to see him with arm out but he said it got heavier and heavier then I said it does and it’s just the same with holding on to things in the head. So he’s not a soppy mess anymore but he’s still a proper pain in the arse 🤣

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      4. GS says:

        Hahaha fun story

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      5. GS says:

        Thank you for sharing

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