Being Alone


Although it can be terrifying, being alone yourself is actually the key to happiness.

I. Being alone has so much power…

You live your life alone, are born alone, and pass away alone. frightening, yes? In actuality, though, only you fully comprehend your experiences, are aware of your traumas, and are able to hear your inner voice. You will be your own closest friend and the only person who has genuinely known you when your life is through. Everyone else will have merely been a spectator. Even your closest connections are merely points of junction, occasionally entanglements, but never your total convergence. Living for them is living untruthfully because within them you exist through a filter. You are the only entity in all of matter, space, and life that has seen this world through your eyes; your time alone on this planet is quite literally astounding. It is the sole instance of you that is not always a performance and the only confirmation of your unadulterated existence. Nobody else can evaluate it, validate it, or even just perceive it. In essence, you can only truly be yourself when you are alone yourself.

You feel so alive and experiencing an experience that is unlike anything other when you are completely alone. Your alone time appears in the present and then vanishes forever; it cannot, in essence, be recorded, preserved, or revisited. Because rarity confers value and because time is ephemeral and unrepeatable, being by yourself must be your most valued possession. Your reality revolves around you alone; everything else is merely a passing phase. As a result, the quality of your time alone will determine how satisfied you are with your life as a whole. Find fascination in it, for it is a more unique experience than the wildest adventure ever recorded. These moments should be considered as the apex of your existence because any ordinary moment alone is entirely yours.

You offer yourself the unwavering calm that asceticism describes: pervasive, happy, and entirely your own when you are able to draw contentment from these moments. Supposedly unbroken peace up till death. You are born alone, remain alone, and pass away alone. You must learn to be alone if you wish to pass away joyfully. (Maybe.)

II. Being alone has so much power…

It is completely under attack. You actively support a system that suppresses your inborn urge for self-relationship just by being alive. Because capitalism forcibly silences your capacity for critical thought, it is practically hard to access your own power in the Western economy. Nowadays, you hardly ever have time to yourself as the data sector tries to make money off of every millisecond of your attention. The internet is everywhere and actively works to market to you, even when you are physically alone.

You hardly get time to yourself these days, and it’s not your fault; you are a product, plain and simple, and your solitude runs against to the system. Author Shoshana Zuboff states, “It is no longer sufficient to automate information flows about us; the goal is now to automate us,” in describing the emergence of late-stage capitalism. Your baseline has changed according to the surroundings, and this overstimulation is being maintained by your subsequent resistance to critical thought. You’re frightened of being alone yourself on purpose. The companies that invade your alone time, distance you from yourself, and then persuade you to replace that hole with goods are directly responsible for the dread of facing your feelings.

Every second you spend experiencing your dread of the unknown helps the system that caused it. We advance through critical thought. Revolutions are sparked when people are unwilling to tolerate the status quo. Regimes have violently repressed activist voices throughout history, but capitalism has developed a less ruthless, more nefarious strategy. It asphyxiates the very critical thoughts that can spark revolutions by reducing attention spans, bombarding people with stimuli, and removing alone time. You are effectively unable to dispute it since you live in a dystopian society. You become more and more alienated from yourself when your head space is commercialised. Who profit?

III. Being by oneself has so much power…

Use it to recover. The time you invest in nurturing your inner child will have far-reaching effects on not only you but also all future generations. Because your interactions with others are merely reflections of your relationship with yourself, any personal healing that takes place has a ripple effect on society as a whole. All of humanity is interconnected, and your particular experience is a crucial puzzle piece.

Your brain is designed to help you: to spot threats, to identify troubling patterns, and to come up with answers. You can address your own stress, reactivity, and self-sabotage by withdrawing from the system. You develop self-awareness and mental toughness while spending time intentionally alone, strengthening your relationship with your one and only constant friend. You learn your traumas and stop holding yourself responsible for what has been done to you by getting to know yourself. You realise that circumstances beyond your control—situations that cannot define you—are the source of your reactivity. You understand the rationale for your most recent choice and that you have complete control over the one you make next.

As these facts sink in, you extend grace to others and make moral relativism explicit. Being aware that people are merely products of their experiences makes you a more understanding friend, lover, family member, and individual. You gradually transform the world by being the change that you want to see. You are the one person you can really love and the only one you can ever entirely know. Generational trauma is put an end to by that love, and generational healing is started. By rejecting the overstimulation industry, you can find inner peace, upset the system, and advance civilization.

You are the end result of millions of years of strategy, love, and survival. Your own existence is evidence that nature is capable of both creativity and beauty. You are the most effective instrument there is, so utilise yourself to great effect by doing nothing. Seriously. Because you don’t do enough, you are not taking full advantage of your most important asset.

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you agree with my thoughts 🤍🤍

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  1. CattleCapers says:

    Gives a person time to think, rather than always having someone else’s “noise” being pumped into your brain.

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    1. GS says:

      Agreed. One of the greatest benefits of spending time alone is how it helps you develop a better understanding of who you are. The more you know and understand yourself the more likely you are to do things that you love, learn things that interest you and spend time with people who make you feel good.

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  2. I love this post the most. Very thought-provoking and interesting if your mi d is philosophically-inclined. Superb!

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you so much. Your message made my day!!

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