Those Bad Friends


A Bad Friendship’s Telltale Signs

Everybody has been there. When you make a new buddy, you are overjoyed to have someone to spend time with before things abruptly starts to go south. It can be difficult to fully recognise when a friendship isn’t intended to survive for those who have rose-colored glasses on. From one glass-half-full person to another, here are the top five red flags.

  1. They Talk Over You – A true friend is eager to hear about your day and will pay attention to you just as much as you do to them. You should step back and reassess someone when they talk over you, neglect what you’ve said in favour of adding their own viewpoint, or even just outright disregard you. Do they simply have a lot of energy and talk a lot, or is there something else going on? Words will never be as powerful as actions.
  2. They Don’t Protect You – This holds true for any friendship, regardless of how recent. Their willingness to stand up for you to the bitter end is the genuine test of a loyal friendship. Knowing your friend will be there no matter what happens gives you the sense of love and community that every friendship needs. If your friend is more willing to laugh at you than with you, you can’t have that.
  3. They are absent while you are struggling – The friend who only shows up when it’s convenient for them—you know the one. Because you sincerely want to think it’s not purposeful or that it’s your fault, this is one of those warning signs that can be difficult to spot at first. The hard truth is that if you’ve supported your friend and offered to be their shoulder when they need it, but they disappear when you need the same, then that person isn’t really there for you. A true friend will support you no matter what the cost, through good times and bad.
  4. You Feel Like a Last-Ditch Attempt – You shouldn’t have to deal with last-minute texts all the time, whether they are invitations to hang out or cancellations of plans. We can all occasionally be guilty of it because life is busy. But it might be time to find better mates if you’re being shunned, ghosted, or experiencing all of the above.
  5. They Drain Your Strength – It’s one thing to have pals who are awkward to hang out with. A completely different situation is having pals who are tiresome to be around and are difficult to hang out with. Some people demand so much of you that it can be exhausting just to try to talk to them, much less go out all the time. Keep it to yourself and don’t interfere. It’s okay if not everyone’s energies blend together. Let go of the past rather than trying to force something that will never work.

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  1. sicetnon3 says:

    “Words will never be as powerful as actions.” From my perspective, actions are words transformed. That doesn’t mean they are more powerful, just different from their previous incarnation.

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    1. GS says:

      True story


      1. Sicetnon3 says:

        You are becoming quite prolific! My guess is you always were, still it is increasing at an increasing rate

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      2. GS says:

        Your words to God’s ears
        Let’s see


      3. Sicetnon3 says:

        Words are stones
        As a fragment of a mosaic
        Every stone has a story
        Some ancient, some new

        I have a thing that looks like a stone
        Made of sand and glue in a factory
        Polished and smooth
        Never thrown
        Yet part of a mosaic
        That depicts the war

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      4. GS says:

        Beautiful words to make my day!!


  2. Great tips! Thank you for sharing

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for taking time to read my post. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🤍🤍

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