The Drug Called Side Hustle


People will advise you to “quit the rat-race” in order to achieve happiness. They claim that finding happiness comes from working for oneself.

Fun fact: Between the ages of 15 and 16, Isaac Newton’s mother made him drop out of school and start working as a farmer. It was Isaac’s old headmistress who succeeded in convincing her otherwise (source).

THE STORY: A 9-5 has a poor reputation. People will advise you to “quit the rat-race” in order to achieve happiness. They claim that finding happiness comes from working for oneself. There are a number of issues with this argument, but the primary one is that it fails to explain why so many people continue working 9 to 5 jobs. It ignores the countless benefits and rational justifications for maintaining a 9–5 schedule. I also want to talk about it because I like my 9 to 5 job. My position is different; I contend that your 9 to 5 job is a competitive advantage, and I’ll explain why.

Imagine if this were the only thing at stake. Mark Manson had aspirations of becoming a best-selling novelist for a significant chunk of his adult life. He was miserable the year his book reached the best-sellers list. Things change once you succeed, at least that’s what they tell me. Your audience now depends on you, your agent demands certain things of you, and the hobby you once enjoyed becomes into your source of income. With a 9-5 job, you’re not (yet) fully committed to your passion project.

The productivity play – You can only devote so much time and attention to your side business when you work a 9 to 5 job. Some individuals consider that to be a serious issue. To me? It’s a good thing. It greatly lessens how intimidating the whole process is. Productivity is forced by constraints. It’s quite straightforward: either you write or you don’t. I wouldn’t ever write anything if I made writing my full-time job.

They support one another – A 9 to 5 job enables you to live in two worlds. Your work and your extracurricular activities. The fact that they feed one another is wonderful. I’m getting better at writing, which makes me better at my work. And I write about what I learn at work. The change of perspective is the ideal spice for creativity.

Put your eggs in a few different baskets. This strategy is overrated. not due to anything associated with achievement. I’m not sure how scientifically sound it is to quit your job and double down instead of continuing your side business. In any case, not everything is about success measures. More so due to the variety it offers.
You can work both as an online writer and a teacher. You can practise physiotherapy while writing blogs about your worldview. You can work as an accountant during the day and write about philosophy at night. You can hop between a few reasons why and take pleasure in each one in its own way.

It serves as a pressure release valve. When the pressure builds up when I’m writing online, I can turn all of my focus to my 9–5 job. The nice thing is that since there are no constraints on what I may write online, I can do it whenever I want. If I succeed for more than a month, terrific; if I fall well short of my expectations, hey ho. With that kind of freedom, only the most crucial thing—enjoyment—is possible. The pressure goes away.

Use what your 9-to-5 job teaches you – Working a 9 to 5 job teaches you certain useful skills. My major priority is structure. You must arrive on time. Work must be done by deadlines. You must plan out your work. A routine is a 9 to 5. And what aspect of online writing is the most challenging to master? a pattern. I won’t have time to write if I don’t rise early. It’s that easy. Knowing that has meant that I’ve been consistently writing on the internet for more than 1000 days.

I’ll write online for two hours per day; it’s not all or nothing. Really, it’s amazing. It helps me think more clearly and improves me. But it doesn’t mean I have to give up my favourite 9 to 5 job as a result. A 9 to 5 job and a side business can actually coexist perfectly.When it comes to internet writing, having a 9–5 job can provide you the biggest competitive advantage. It allows you the freedom to fail and unlocks deep creativity.

Small thoughts: Until something is proven, everything is an assumption. Business boldness is actually a skill that is undervalued. The amount of time spent making a decision must be considered while making one. Cost of opportunity.

What you know when you know, in your mind – After a few months of studying something new, you start to feel as though you know quite a bit. How much more can there be to learn when you already know the fundamentals? At this moment, people start to stutter. Most people will discover when they delve more that they were only just skimming the surface when they first started. You’ll become more aware of how much you still don’t know as you go deeper into your studies. Your awareness of how little you know is an excellent indicator of how well you know something.

Listen, I know it’s terrifying, unpleasant, and extremely distressing right now, but you’ll be OK. This is something you must do for yourself. You must go beyond what is known and strive to believe that you will be fine no matter what. Even if things don’t work out. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, it’s still a good thing to show that you tried. It is with this thought I introduce my new book “Acceptance”. Hope we find the courage to accept what is.


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  1. I love my 9-5! I’ll quit when God leads otherwise…until then I love being paid to do what I was made to do. #teacherforlife☺️

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    1. GS says:

      Teachers are best thing that can happen to mankind. Thank you for all you do!!

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  2. sicetnon3 says:

    Funny story about Newton. We remember that both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were college dropouts.

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