Calming Down When Storm Strikes


Techniques for Calming Down When Anxiety Strikes

It’s awful to feel anxious. Your breath quickens. Your thoughts is even more agitated. You feel as though every issue that has been nagging at the back of your mind must now be resolved at once. Even when there is no justification for your fears, you picture horrible things occurring. You tremble.

When it sneaks up on you, how do you handle this terrible emotion. Ten methods are listed below to assist you relax while you’re feeling anxious:

  1. Determine what is really causing your anxiety. Most of the time, whatever it is that we believe is making us concerned is actually just a surface concern. You might be able to figure out what’s actually going on if you are good at understanding yourself. For instance, you might be extremely anxious as you wait for your boyfriend to call and believe that something terrible has happened to him, he is out on a date with someone else, or some other scenario. However, what may actually be the cause of your anxiety is that you feel unsafe in this relationship and are unsure of where it is going. Even though there is still an issue, you are able to see that it needs to be solved in a different way and that you are not worried about the phone call. This can lessen the anxiety you are now experiencing.
  2. Workout. There are moments when we are unable to convince ourselves to stop feeling anxious. It’s simply too powerful. We lack mental clarity. All of the feelings are flooding in. These apparent issues, in our opinion, are the real ones. What’s next? A wonderful technique to temporarily tune out of your mind and into your body is to exercise. Engage in an activity that makes your heart race. Do something strenuous so that you may concentrate on your muscles and lungs rather than whatever it is that is making you feel irrational.
  3. Breathe. There will be times when you feel anxious and need to clear your thoughts, but you won’t be able to simply go for a run. You might need to maintain your posture while you’re at work, school, or in a courtroom. By concentrating on your breath, you can still become aware of your body. Take a few long, deep breaths, counting each one to ten as you inhale and outhale. Or inhale six, exhale seven, etc., until you reach your maximum possible inhalation. Pay attention to how your nose and chest feel when you breathe. This will assist in distracting you from whatever is causing your anxiety so that your body can begin to relax a little.
  4. Consider the worst that could occur and how you would respond to it. We frequently become nervous about something because we are afraid of it. The worry may lessen if we can pinpoint the worst aspect of it and develop a strategy for handling it. Say, for instance, that you are worried about a test that is coming up. What’s the worst that may occur? You will continue to live even if you drop out of school and choose a completely new job route. Try to concentrate on the worst-case scenario that could actually occur. But pay attention to how you feel. Some people let their concerns consume them to the point that the exercise makes them feel worse rather than better.
  5. Pause and beam. Simply acting as though you are feeling better will help you feel better. Smile. Laugh your way through a yoga lesson. Have a tickle session. Your body’s limbic system will truly react as your facial muscles appear cheerful, making you feel slightly happier. Your mood will improve. The fear will lessen to some extent.
  6. Consider how much anxiety you are feeling. How does your anxiety feel to you? Don’t let your ideas consume you. Pay attention to how your heartbeat is beating or how tight your chest feels. On a scale of one to ten, try to rate how worried you feel. Sometimes, merely looking at your anxiety and identifying it for what it is might help to lessen its effects.
  7. Take in a calming book. Take your thoughts away from whatever is stressing it out so much. A relaxing book can be a wonderful way to escape for a bit. Some people read the Bible, others affirmation books, still others motivational quotes. Read something uplifting and entertaining. Try reading aloud if your mind is still racing from anxiousness.
  8. Make a list of all the things in your life that are right now. Even though our worry would have us believe otherwise, we are typically fine in the moment. We can come to understand it by making a list of all the things that are going well and feel secure. Whatever is right in any way should be on your list, regardless of whether your health is good, your sister is nearby, or your clothes fit perfectly. Simply consider your blessings rather than the “buts”
  9. Discuss current events. Sometimes the anxiety will subside if you talk about what is going on and what is making you nervous. Making sure that you speak with someone who won’t magnify or minimise your sentiments is the key. Pick a listener who is good at communicating. They should be aware that you only need a chance to vent and don’t require any guidance. Ask for help if you need it, or if you want someone else to point out how reasonable your anxieties are to you. Talking to a trusted buddy who isn’t involved in your daily life might be a good idea. As an alternative, you can think about speaking with an experienced relative or mentor. Depending on the intensity and duration of your anxiety, you might even consider speaking with a counsellor.
  10. Take medicine. Many people experience anxiety on a regular basis, making it difficult to manage with breathing exercises and uplifting ideas. Medication can benefit many people who have legitimate medical problems with anxiety and require assistance. You might want to think about talking to a psychiatrist if you can’t control your anxiety on your own. When the medication has reduced the situation to a level that is more manageable for you, these other strategies will still be effective.

I know it’s terrifying, unpleasant, and extremely distressing right now, but you’ll be OK. This is something you must do for yourself. You must go beyond what is known and strive to believe that you will be fine no matter what. Even if things don’t work out. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, it’s still a good thing to show that you tried. It is with this thought I introduce my new book “Acceptance”. Hope we find the courage to accept what is.


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