Into The Unknown


You can count on the page turning at some point. Each chapter will flow into the one after it, with new words waiting to be discovered. The implication for us is that change is always on the horizon in our story. The habits that confine us to safety will always loosen, allowing us to enter a different area. So many of us yearn for the concept of independence. Once it does, though, there are times when the enormity of it makes us feel burdened. It’s like being ejected from our cosy little spacecraft and sent floating into the big unknown. Untethered at first glance. utterly removed from the comfort of what we were once familiar.

This opportunity to accomplish the things you’ve always wanted can feel exhilarating but it can also be overwhelming. What if you’re unsure of your next move? What if you miss the next star you really want to reach? What if nothing else never seems as secure or as familiar as what you’re leaving behind? We may go through growing pains as we advance. These almost physical aches are a result of holding on too tightly while also being afraid of what lies ahead. They tie our stomachs in knots as a group. Pressing our heels firmly into the ground is the natural reaction. to confine ourselves to the present. We loop back into the known with our elbows in and chins tucked, never to fully appreciate all the joys.

There is an opportunity to be brave suspended in the gap between those two worlds, the old and the new. to imagine those unexplored areas of your life as a realm filled with incredible sights that you’ve never experienced before. regain the sense of wonder that once drove us to dash through high grass and towering trees in order to see more. Knee scrapes were quickly forgotten as we would come across a stick suitable for a sword or flowers suitable for a crown.

The fact that you are surrounded by stars even in the void of space grounds you in any transition and ensures that you never feel lost. sporadic lights that, as you move, dispel the darkness, some close and others far. We are not fixed in objects or locations. Even though you feel it, you will never truly be free of your bonds. Because of how much closer our genuine ties are. The people we love and the people who love us are tied to us. The hands that have held us are what we cling to. We rely on every previous incarnation of ourselves who performed admirably to bring us here.

The trail you leave in your wake can act as a promise that you’ve already completed this task. You may repeat it. Real assurance comes from taking a close look at who you are your strengths, your ideals, and the paths you’ve already travelled. Knowing that you will be okay if there is love is what brings true peace. No turn will take you too far, and no way will take you astray. You’ll always be discovered. Lean into the unexplored areas as a result. Wander over unknown landscapes and uncharted oceans. Take note of the unique manner the sun rises in this location and the novel ways the light catches. Feel the texture of life take on more depth as you realise all of its potential.

Listening to your heart while making choices can mean different things to different people. For some, it means tapping into their emotions and intuition to guide their decision-making process. For others, it means connecting with a higher power or spiritual force to seek guidance and clarity. Regardless of the interpretation, the idea is to trust your gut and follow your inner guidance when faced with tough decisions. This can lead to more authentic and fulfilling choices, as well as a deeper connection with oneself and the world around us. This book tells you how. Grab your copy of my new book here –


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