You Have No Idea What’s In Store For You – A Poem

Oh Darling, if only you knew the beautiful things that are in store for you.

This next level, it’s waiting for you  

Take the next step, and see it through  

Be open-minded, and open-hearted too  

The blessing will come, not in the form you knew  

It’ll ease into your life, without you knowing  

Like a dream come true, without the showing  

Your dream life, career, and love, it’s glowing  

You’ll wake up, and see that you’ve been the blessing, flowing  

Abundance is drawn to your energy, so true  

Your manifestations, they’ll come to you  

You’ve nurtured your energy, and it’s shining through  

You’re in a season of receiving, it’s overdue  

Stay soft, and feel seen, heard, and loved  

Have peace in your heart, and in your mind, beloved  

This is the start of something beautiful, not just a trend  

You’re the change you’ve been waiting for, this is your blend  

This next level, it’s yours to take  

Don’t hesitate, don’t let it break  

You’re ready to receive, to give, to make  

This is your time, your destiny, your fate.

Hope you like my poem.

The Significance of Everything. The things is that poetry uses metaphors for meaning. Reading positive poetry helps you see that beneath the surface of everything there is a deeper meaning and significance. Poetry makes you dig for that meaning and helps you express that meaning. It is with these thoughts I bring an encouraging collection of poems in my poetry book “Honest Verses”. If you like my poems, do leave a review on Amazon. Here’s a link to the book –


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  1. sicetnon3 says:

    Yes, everything belongs

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    1. GS says:

      Absolutely. We should let life happen to us. Not resist at all.

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      1. sicetnon3 says:

        The Path Lyrics (Courtney Jones)

        [Verse 1]
        Wandering far and wide through forest
        Waiting for a light to shine
        Hoping for a friendly voice
        But the only sound is mind

        [Chorus 1]
        Such will be my journey home
        For desiring greater distance
        I want to see what lies beyond
        The path of least
        Armani White & Denzel Curry ‘GOATED.’ (Live Performance) | Open Mic

        [Verse 2]
        Losing track of time and reason
        Forward ever on I go
        Swear that I heard someone breathing
        But the only sound is mind

        [Chorus 2]
        I will walk a lonely road
        In spite of loved insistence
        I want to see what lies beyond
        The path of least resistance

        Wake up, it’s time to get going
        Daylight isn’t to be wasted here
        So wake up, the rules are always changing
        Wading through this foreign land

        [Verse 3]
        Going home means mixed emotions
        Fear and joy are both entwined
        It is heavy like a heartbeat
        But the only sound is mine

        [Chorus 2]
        I will walk a lonely road
        In spite of loved insistence
        I want to see what lies beyond
        The path of least resistance

        I want to see what lies beyond
        The path of least resistance

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      2. GS says:

        Beautiful lyrics. I am going to check out the song now. Thank you for sharing

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      3. sicetnon3 says:

        She does it acapella

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      4. GS says:



  2. Bhavana says:

    This is beautiful!!! Is there a way to reblog it? I love it.

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    1. GS says:

      Thanks Bhavana. Glad you liked the poem.

      To your reblog point, you should find a button towards the end of the poem.


  3. Varahan says:

    In a moment the soul started its journey
    No saying i will see u again
    No thanks for giving a company
    No remorse for fighting
    No to food no to sleep
    But made me not to sleep
    Not to share sweet thoughts.
    Some imagination
    Some hope some stories
    Fairy tales. Not believing.
    Reality is seeing but that also false
    Yesterday was there.
    Yesterdays are real. Others
    May or may not.
    Loving u is a hope
    Loving me expectation

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    1. GS says:

      You are one WordPress too. Welcome. This is a beautiful poem. You should start a blog.


      1. Lakshmivarahan Kn says:

        S my dr. Do u like this. Lovely my dr

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      2. Lakshmivarahan Kn says:

        slight disturbance in mind a fear of fever in consciousness. Hum near the ear A sudden strike near the ear Disturbed mind want to finish The trouble shooter. It lands on hand but at A place if a jerk makes It to fly away. Body position changed to attack Again it lands My Strike at the target smashed Mind celebrates but helicopter is bombarded. Simple love singing came near, With lovely song But i said no and killed it

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      3. GS says:

        Good to see you back here. Hope you had a restful quite weekends and are feeling better now. 🙏🏼


      4. Lakshmivarahan Kn says:

        A friend in my life From morning to morning Nothing moves without my friend From tea he assists. To bath In cold to iron the dresses Chapathi rice anything He has main part To move on wheels i need him So a friend without whom life Loses the meaning Even after death My friend has to come .to make me ash Helping to avoid bad odour of corpse.

        Don’t know y i send these to u.may b ur attention or my attraction towards ur geetham

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      5. GS says:

        I appreciate everything you write. I am sorry for the great loss you have experienced in your life. Please be with us for a long time.


      6. Lakshmivarahan Kn says:

        Even in any odd circumstances my mind becomes calm within 2 days. Even now. Your words my friends encouragement My lady friend’s consolation,practice of dhyana and diversions( a new topic for u how to conquer any loss). I usually think, these, will go with time. Any how take care. Some useful bits from me. Koo is open. So i prefer mail

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      7. GS says:

        Your words are wisdom are greatly appreciated. I want to get knowledge from you for a long time. Please take care of your health and find peace within yourself. I know it’s difficult but it’s the only way.


      8. Lakshmivarahan Kn says:

        U r some thing spl. In so many Topics ur brain works..i love ur words

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      9. GS says:

        Thank you Varahan


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