Our Souls Are Broken – Seriously?

We devote so much time to self-improvement that we forget that we made the decision to be broken in the first place.

After reading this essay, I hope you will be able to answer some of the questions I have for you. I encourage you to record your responses in a diary or notebook if you do so since this might be a therapeutic practise that will help you better understand who you are. OK, let’s get started. Do you believe that you are flawed in any way? Have you ever heard someone describe you as less than ideal? What would you call the internal dialogue? Are you, for instance, critical of yourself? Do you assess some facets of your personality or your physical attributes and wish they weren’t there? To you, what does the word “broken” mean? What exactly does the word “wholeness” imply to you?

I realise there is a lot to consider, but if you take your time in responding, you will have a deeper insight of who you are. It’s no secret that many individuals attempt to make themselves better throughout their entire lives in order to be happier. For instance, they could consult with a therapist or counsellor, join a gym, adopt a strict diet plan, or participate in programmes. Please understand that I am not underestimating the usefulness of these activities since they are worthwhile. I’m saying that if we are always attempting to mend our lives, then who is making the decision that they need to be fixed? We transcend that part of our thinking to relate to oneself in new ways.

In my opinion, we are the ones who determine we are broken because we believe we are not good enough. Therefore, we set out on a journey to improve certain aspects of ourselves so we can accept who we are. There is always something to mend, something to cure, and something to alter, so regrettably, it rarely goes as planned. No matter how long we live, our work on ourselves is never done. Our life is never complete. Because there is so much that we can accomplish, we will never complete the work in a single lifetime. My opinion is that we should accept who we are right now because we are entire and perfect just the way we are.

Or to put it another way, spirit does not recognise itself as damaged or imperfect since we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. I’m not attempting to convince you of my opinions or ideas; instead, I’m offering you an alternate viewpoint. That is, our higher self cannot recognise our brokenness because we are a soul. Our egoic mind is the one that associates with the idea of imperfection. Is this all making sense? Can you see that your soul is not the same as who you are as a person? As a result, if we can view ourselves as souls rather than as just skin and bones, we may do so with love and compassion. In reality, we may apply this concept to how we see other people. I’m not suggesting it will be simple, but if we can connect with the soulful aspect of another person, we can see past their problems.

Our Core Nature Is One Of Wholeness And Perfection.

Therefore, we must make an effort to view ourselves with love if we are to go from being broken to being whole. Love, as you know, has no boundaries or restrictions. Love accepts who we are as we are and does not restrict or judge who we are becoming. As was previously mentioned, we are ongoing works in progress, and this lifetime will never see the completion of our journey towards self-improvement. We can only make so much progress, therefore we should be glad that we were able to conquer our obstacles and improve. It’s like dedicating our entire lives to creating a masterpiece, in my opinion.

To provide the idea of who we want to be, we could add a few delicate brushstrokes here and there. If you’ve read Irving Stone’s book The Agony and the Ecstasy, you know that Michelangelo, an Italian Renaissance painter and sculpture, spent the most of his life producing innumerable works of art. He spent five years painting the Sistine chapel, for example. His work was dedicated to beauty and a greater purpose, and I encourage you to live your life in a similarly dedicated manner. Make it a point of dedication in your life to revere the lovely character of your soul.

Is this something you’re willing to focus on? Could you accept that you are perfect just the way you are and stop constantly trying to fix yourself? Your life can alter with just this one shift of perspective. It necessitates viewing oneself with love and compassion rather than with criticism and judgement. Be honest for a moment. I don’t want to imply that while we all have flaws and fears, we are all great and whole as people. I’m saying that as soul beings, perfection and completeness are what we are fundamentally. We may physically embody these attributes when we identify with them. By altering our awareness, we may create these attributes because, as Albert Einstein famously remarked, “We cannot solve problems by thinking in the same way that we thought them up.” In order to relate to oneself in a new way, we transcend that component of our thinking.

To embody the traits of a soul is the central idea of this essay. How will you be able to recognise the genuine nature I’m referring to? It is invested in virtues like perfection, knowledge, pleasure, bliss, and others like purity, love, and serenity. I encourage you to incorporate these traits into your being by focusing on them via exercises like journaling or meditation. Why can’t you do this? Take the state of peace, for instance. Try to communicate with others in a more calm manner. You might decide to be less critical and judgmental of other people. Instead of spreading rumours about others, you may try modelling your behaviour after peacemakers like the Dalai Lama or the late Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thch Nht Hnh. Consider someone you can relate to as the personification of peace because, if they possess that quality, then you can be sure that you can as well.

In light of this, I kindly encourage you to respond to the inquiries in the first paragraph in your notebook or diary. Take your time over the course of a week or longer if necessary; you don’t have to do this in one sitting. Return to it frequently and expand on your responses. Your ability to overcome the constraints of believing that you are broken increases as you grow more certain of who you want to be. The rest is just a matter of learning to know who you are as a soul being and returning to yourself. We have the ability to decide we are complete and wonderful if we spend a lot of time attempting to mend ourselves because we have determined we are broken.

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  1. Nice read. Appreciated✌️

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you!!


  2. Excellent post and a very helpful one too.. 🙏🏼😊👍🏼😇👌🏼💕

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you found the post informative.

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  3. Stella Reddy says:

    Awesome post and very though provoking for me. Thank you!

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    1. GS says:

      We are not broken, Stella. We are always complete. 🤍🤍
      Much love to you!!!

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