Full of Doubts and Overthinking


The reality is that it is irrelevant what other people think of your life.

I am aware that you now feel inferior to others. You overthink things and have a lot of doubts. You want to work hard and have several goals in mind, but the pressure from others around you makes you feel too overwhelmed. You started to fear what would occur if you didn’t live up to their standards or if you were rejected. Right now, every bad idea is running through your head. You don’t want to observe the fading of their grins due to disappointment. But I just want you to be aware that you have power over and a life of your own. You are in charge of your thoughts and your ability to decide. Don’t destroy yourself because of what others want for you; eventually, you’ll realise that it’s not worth it.

You can pay attention to their thoughts and suggestions, but you shouldn’t allow them direct your decisions. No matter how they may feel, just say “no” if you are unable to comply with their requests. They ought to understand that you are also a human being. Simply keep going after the things that make you feel alive and happy, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you will grow and learn from them. Know your value because when you do, you realise that you are in charge of your life. Because you won’t let other people’s decisions about your life control you but instead take a stand, no one will ever take you for granted. When you keep getting better and do not let other people’s opinions stop you, you become unstoppable. Because of your ideas and choices, many people will reject you; yet, as long as you find fulfilment in what you do, keep going. Their life is not your life.

It’s not about having a hard heart towards other people; rather, I just want to be reminded that sometimes in life we experience sadness, not as a result of our decisions but as a result of the pressures we encounter in our surroundings. It’s merely a reminder to be selective about the opinions you pay attention to and to establish healthy boundaries with those who consistently make you feel down. Making a wall and selecting who you let speak to you is not a bad thing. It’s also effective because you have the guts to convince them that you are old enough to know what matters most in life, that you are aware of who you are and what you want. what you want life to be about.

Your objectives, interests, and aspirations will ultimately make sense to you again because you understand that you are acting on your desires. It won’t be for nothing. It will undoubtedly be challenging; there will undoubtedly be a few difficulties, obstacles, and tests along the path. But hang on to the things that bring you joy and encourage you to love more. If you are aware that you are not under any duress and that you genuinely want to pursue it, you will become weary but you won’t give up. Follow your dreams to add meaning to your life; your purpose will come.

Listening to your heart while making choices can mean different things to different people. For some, it means tapping into their emotions and intuition to guide their decision-making process. For others, it means connecting with a higher power or spiritual force to seek guidance and clarity. Regardless of the interpretation, the idea is to trust your gut and follow your inner guidance when faced with tough decisions. This can lead to more authentic and fulfilling choices, as well as a deeper connection with oneself and the world around us. This book tells you how. Grab your copy of my new book here – https://a.co/d/hYZNvyt


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  1. Maryanne says:

    I just wrote a similar blog about being unaffected by what others think. It doesn’t meant that you’ve hardened, it just means you grew spiritually. I used to cling to my sensitive personality and worry too much what others thought, but truth be told, when you grow spiritually, it doesn’t matter what others think because not everyone is going to like you. And I am totally fine with that, and still sensitive — in a good way.

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    1. GS says:

      Thanks Maryanne. I can relate to this. Truth is, people will never recognize what has changed within you, what makes you tick, what sets your heart and soul on fire, or what causes a rage within your bloodstream, unless they yearn to understand your soul. I sure as hell hope I am different than the girl you used to know. I hope you are different than the person you used to be, too. The only constant in this world is change. Progressive growth is essential to character.


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