Are You Accidentally Ruining Your Life?


Your Life’s Ruining Habits

  1. You were far too concerned with what other people thought. Every time you had feelings for someone, you asked your pals for their advice. Even when what they said didn’t agree with how you felt, you followed their advice. You were afraid of how people would regard you, so you didn’t dress nice or dye your hair a vibrant colour. Babe, that’s no way to live. Be true to who you are.
  2. You hung onto your sadness for a bit too long – As strange as it may sound, heartbreak may be comforting. Because of this, we see it as a blanketed couch with pint of ice cream in hand. The line between allowing yourself to recover slowly and hanging on for too long is thin, though. The latter can turn poisonous and send a line of poison directly into your veins.
  3. You let the bare minimum suffice, even when you deserve much more than that. You already know how horrible of a decision that is if you went with the bare minimum last year. Make a resolution to only date people who are as hardworking as you are this year.
  4. You claimed to be OK with the scenario when you were not; let’s all make a commitment to start saying what we mean and deeds that we intend. You probably believed that persevering in a situationship may result in anything more, but this is almost never the case. Accept nothing less than a true connection if you desire one.
  5. You decided not to risk it with your crush. Put fear behind you. Don’t hanker after someone who lacks the courage to take action.Make a resolution to approach the individuals you adore this year. It’s preferable than moping about without ever learning if they were the one.
  6. You continued working in a job you despise. Other occupations exist. Spending your entire shift sobbing in the loo is inappropriate. Your work is intentionally pulling you under because stress is a killer. There is no “work family” worth sacrificing your whole happiness.
  7. You made comparisons to other people. Every time you saw a full-body photo of yourself, you grimaced since it didn’t resemble the Instagram models you admire. When you saw what other people were doing, you believed your efforts to be inadequate. Only the version of you from your past should you compare yourself to, and even then, be gentle with yourself.
  8. You abused your own power. You shouldn’t be saying things to yourself that you wouldn’t tolerate being spoken to a friend or member of your family.
  9. You didn’t extend grace to yourself. You’re a person. You commit errors. You have a mess. Sometimes you’re incorrect. And everything is OK. Don’t set unreasonable standards for yourself.
  10. You neglected your strength. Never believe anyone who tells you that you can’t accomplish anything. You are incredibly capable, powerful, and magnificent.

STOP if you are doing any of the above.

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  1. GonzoBlue says:

    Reads like a Drill Sergeant covering a manifesto
    Nice pep talk

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    1. GS says:

      Thanks Gonzo.

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  2. Razz says:

    I like how you titled it. “Accidentally…” Negative self talk can be so sneaky, that you don’t even hear it. I think this could be due to our auto responses. Like when someone asks how your doing, fine. We all as you say need to use our voices both against those on the outside so as not to be comparing ourselves, and on the inside. To tell ourselves today this is the way I will think. Choosing a more positive mind set. Enjoyed your post, hope you have a great weekend. Razz

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    1. GS says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Razz. We often don’t even know we’re engaging in negative self-talk because it is such an ingrained habit. The first step in how to stop negative self-talk is to acknowledge that it’s happening and identify where it comes from. Thank you for your thoughtful message. Hope you have a great weekend too.

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  3. sicetnon3 says:

    Sounds like a sad confession of a real person. Now that it is known it can be forgiven. Still, even what is hidden (as in a cave) will venture out into the light of day in its timid way.

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