Setting Agile Goals


Humans created a calendar and divided time into several eras in order to govern and regulate time. A year was one of such intervals. 8,766 hours. It seems like a lot of time, yet it is never enough.

Not usually, quantity equals quality. Because of this, it is a great habit to evaluate, summarise, and draw conclusions at the end of a period (in our example, a year). The human mind demands a sharp end; we are always seeking a definite course of action. After doing so, we move on. And making plans is the smartest, most efficient way to go. 8,766 hours are more than enough time to fully transform your life if you are deliberate with it. Here are some useful methods for reviewing your year:

  1. Make this goal-setting task a priority.
  2. Locate a pleasant area free of disturbances.

Write down everything because when we do, our brains think differently. Get ready for an incredible journey. Your life is more captivating and full of surprises than any Hollywood movie. Pick seven categories (I have profession, money, friends, family, wellness, climbing, and hobbies, for example) and consider what you did in each category this year. Consider yourself the star of that Hollywood production. Your life is special since you worked on the movie as an actor, director, and producer. What have you produced? What took place? Do you enjoy the work you’ve produced? It makes tracking progress easier to divide the task up by month. Your achievements? What are you appreciative of? What did you discover? Any unsuccessful attempts? Do you intend to attempt again the following year? What has to be let go of?

Give your movie a title, and in one phrase sum up the year. Be thankful for all the experiences you have had this year. Give up on the errors. What was was what was. The sentiments we have about them and the self-created tales we choose to believe are what count, not the events themselves. We must resist letting the past hold us back. It’s like hoisting the anchor before hoisting the sail! You may discover a lot about yourself by repeating this approach. You’ll be able to clearly understand how you have evolved over time and will be able to appreciate the new person you have become as a result.

After doing so, we move on. According to statistics, just 5% of people write down their future plans. Big error! The equivalent of getting into a cab and telling the driver, “Don’t take me to the airport,” is living life without a purpose. Without a defined goal, nothing happens. So, setting goals that work: (That section has already been described; see above.) Write everything down.

Write your wishes in each of the same seven places. Your objectives are not to pay off your home or want for the kids to go college! Be bold while deciding on a goal. If you already know you can accomplish your objective without much difficulty, your goal is probably not great enough. Estimated time in months needed to complete those objectives. Can you provide more specific dates? When you begin to think in terms of outcomes, you begin to notice solutions everywhere. Share your list with your life partner to see whether you are both on the same page if you have one. After all, you’ll be with that individual for the next 8,766 hours.

Now, give yourself a pat on the back for creating this strategy. Well done! You recently gave yourself permission to adapt to a new situation. Intention is all you really need to establish goals. The final step, taking action, is simple. Future planning requires skill. When life is not occurring to you but rather when you make things happen, it is a wonderful joy to live your life from the perspective of a creator, the director of your own movie. Dream big, be courageous, plan, execute, maintain concentration, reach the top, and take in the scenery. Keep going up.

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  1. sicetnon3 says:

    Yes, “divide and conquer” seems to be the way we attempt to control the phantom beast that binds us to death.

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  2. I really enjoyed this post. The details are enlightening. Be blessed and thank you.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you!!


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