You Are Sensational


Remember That Your Life Story Is A Work Of Art

Aren’t we all like books in a large library, and the memories we have and share are like the priceless verses and pages of someone’s favourite book collection? Every one of us has experienced times when loneliness and misery seemed skin deep and there was nothing that ever felt worthwhile on the inside. Through a succession of experiences when I felt misunderstood, undesired, and hated, there is one thing that I have discovered. People are a collection of enigmatic tales and destiny in the making.

Sometimes we cling to the story so closely because we believe we know which colours go well together, which phrases sound exhilarating, which punctuation would create a dramatic pause or lead to a better conclusion, and which chapters would inspire us to dream larger and fly higher. We learn that there is only a certain level of worth that we attach ourselves to after attempting to scrawl our way through some words. We strive to use elegant words and well crafted syllables, but the fact that we don’t know who we really are forces us to stop.

At this point, we must let go. Give up control over how our lives must be. We relinquish control over where to insert commas and full stops and how well we know ourselves best. We realise there is a great writer, a brilliant author, and a supernatural presence who is aware of the summary of our lives. But things don’t stop there. This great writer is aware of the smudges, the indications of development, the written pages, the back-and-forth editing, and the mistakes that have crept into the pages of our life. He writes our tales with such delight and enthusiasm, and he does so without any hesitation or sense of embarrassment.

In a book that would never be rejected or thrown away, he encapsulates the goals, aspirations, ambitions, expectations, and wants that are significant to us, as well as who we are. He keeps adding beauty and grace to the pages of our life, even in the most difficult and ugly chapters. Let me assure you that you are worthwhile whether you are feeling excluded, unloved, miserable, completely despairing about your circumstances, or if you feel misunderstood and lack a strong thesis statement to support your claim. Even if it could be damaging to you at this point to look at your work, proofread it, and look for mistakes, know that you are still understood, loved, and highly appreciated.

Keep in mind that the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ proverb and that since you are being written via communion, you never have to battle in a desert. Nothing that is damaging to you can ever completely stop. There is a unique author that wants to write your narrative and serve as a reminder of who you really are because of how valuable you are. Because you allowed yourself to be gorgeously inked and marked by him, he wants to let you know that you are not alone and that the conclusion of your story won’t bring you sorrow or despair. So let’s keep writing the magnificent author’s lovely weaved books.

“Find Your Voice” is a collection of over 100 heart warming poems that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. This book is filled with beautiful and encouraging poems that remind you that you can always find your voice in this world. Each poem is carefully crafted to provide comfort and hope in times of darkness and doubt. When you need a reminder of the light within you, pick up a copy of the book today.”

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  1. Ayub Munanga says:

    Inspiring! Sometimes we fail to know our true selves until someone insightful enough comes along and give us the mirror with which to look at ourselves. I believe you’ve struck a chord.

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    1. GS says:

      Thanks Ayub. We all need to be remember that we are unique masterpieces. There is no one like us 🤍🤍

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