I Know You Are Frustrated


But don’t be because what you desire is on its way.

There are several clear signals that assist us identify when our dreams are ready to come true, regardless of whether you’re a spiritual rookie or a manifesting veteran. Here are several to remember.

  1. You Notice Recurring Numbers As you experience an energy shift while manifesting, often repeating numerals like 1111, 14.14, or 333 will become increasingly obvious. If you find recurrent ‘2’ sequences, for example, it is stated that love is part of your immediate future. These are supposed to be angel numbers, and you may notice them on your clock, a receipt, or even when you’re filling up the petrol tank. When you hear the same number repeatedly, take this as a sign from the universe to pause, pay attention to your inner conversation, and break any negative thought cycles you may be in.
  2. You let go of the reins. When we manifest, we frequently want something so much that we grasp on tightly and choke off our desires. We naturally attempt to control everything around us since we live in an unpredictable environment. But when you let go of attempting to dictate the “how” and “when,” you give the Universe room to expand and create something far superior to anything you could have dreamed of. It’s similar to the proverb that states, “When you stop looking for love, it finds you.” The same holds true for your manifestation. Your life will immediately change for the better as soon as you sow the seeds and allow them to bloom when they are ready.
  3. You Overhear Conversations About Your Dreams. You’ll start to overhear talks regarding the very item you’re seeking to attract into your life as your manifestation gets closer. When you’re standing in the queue at the store, you’ll overhear casual discussions. Alternatively, your calling-in topic can come up in conversations with friends and relatives. or even anything you see on television. The Universe is just alerting you to its impending arrival.
  4. You experience more optimism every day. Finding thankfulness to be a daily practise and your capacity to reframe difficult circumstances feeling natural are both signs that your mentality is changing for the better and that you are connecting to your manifestation. You start to notice little joys like parking places appearing just when you need them, people smiling more at you, and even more of your manifestations coming true rather than waking up on the wrong side of the bed.
  5. You Easily Meet The Universe Halfway. You could start to see new ways in which you can use the law of attraction via activity as the time for your manifestation draws near. Maybe you’re visualising a quick getaway when all of a sudden you spot a contest where you can enter to win a weekend at a lake cottage. Or perhaps you’re manifesting a job move and feel drawn to email an old college acquaintance who’s now employed by the organisation of your dreams. When individuals learn about manifestation, one of the parts they frequently overlook is meeting the universe halfway. However, when you take inspired action, action that comes naturally to you rather than feeling forced you connect to what is divinely yours far more quickly.
  6. You’re beginning to think it’s possible. The three cornerstones of manifestation are ask, believe, and receive. However, given how seriously our self-worth is questioned, believing can occasionally be challenging. How can the Universe grant our wishes if we don’t think they are possible for us to obtain? We’re building a force field. However, magic begins to happen once we start to understand what is genuinely feasible for us and once we think that we are deserving of everything we have ever wanted.
  7. You are being sent lessons. Your manifestation may soon materialise if you now feel as though you are being tested. Ironic, I realise. When your wishes are within reach, it may seem as though you are being tested, however there are times when the Universe understands we must first learn a certain lesson before we are ready to connect to our manifestation. Contrary to what the internet would have you believe, practising the law of attraction isn’t like having everything brought to us the following day as with Amazon Prime. The Universe may utilise lessons and blessings to help us when we need to work on our attitude, our energy, and our confidence in what is possible for us. Lean into your education.
  8. You become aware of things disappearing from your life. Things that don’t fit your new level of existence may start to go as your manifestation approaches. Perhaps unhealthy relationships cease, you lose your job, or poisonous friendships reach the end of their usefulness. When things like these are happening, it might be difficult to trust the process, but the Universe is preparing the way for something better suited. Like a radio, as your energy shifts, you lose resonance with other frequencies. Much while this transition may seem unsettling at first, keep in mind that it’s merely preparing the way for something much greater in the spring when the leaves fall in the fall.
  9. With your manifestation, you may see other people. Now, if you’re manifesting your soulmate and then your single best friend meets hers, it might feel terribly perplexing. Or your coworker wins the lottery while you are manifesting extra money. You, why not? The Universe is currently attempting to demonstrate to you what is possible. It’s a strategy to get you to believe in your own potential. After all, why not you if someone in your reality has already had the experience? Make that “why not you” a declaration of affirmation as opposed to a dejected inquiry. Your manifestation will arrive shortly.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stella Reddy says:

    Awesome post! 4, 5, & 6 are my personal experiences…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Thank you Stella. I am so glad you resonated with the post. I have started to believe that everything happens to us for a reason. Our soul is expected to do certain tasks which are going to present themselves again and again till we complete them. Hence experiences arise.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nikki says:

    I needed this. Perhaps, I manifested it. It was right on time to give me what I need to not give up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Keep on Nikki. I know it’s tough. Believe me sometimes I just want to give up on a task. But I understand that the universe is going to keep presenting this task to me in order for me to overcome and learn. So I give in to the flow of life.

      Liked by 1 person

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