When Universe Keeps Messing With You


Even though I wrote encouraging posts day after day, sometimes no matter how much I try to stay positive, I believe universe keeps messing with me on purpose. So I write these words.

We eventually discover the results of kindness in our life. We discover that there is no condition or rule that kindness, love, and compassion must be reciprocated. In many instances, you could have really encountered the reverse. You could have noticed that, despite your sincere efforts, no reciprocation has been forthcoming. People have disappointed and damaged you. It’s sad that you got the short end of the stick. the sort that wounds you and causes your hands to become dull.

Because you can never tell how a person will treat you. You can’t compel someone to return your generosity. Nobody can be made to feel a certain way about them or see you in their lives. In the same way, you have no influence over the outside factors in life. There isn’t a future-gazing crystal ball that can smoothly lead us over any difficult terrain. As a result, you could believe that life is in control. Like hiding and seeking solace at all costs is your only option. to compromise your authenticity in order to lead a life of safety.

And even if you still possess this innate sensitivity, anything might break carelessly. You are not immune to retracting, hardening, or becoming fragile. You could feel as though expressing your vulnerability is always taken for granted. It could seem draining and as if there is no benefit to being a good person. You could feel as though life will never stop disappointing you. But despite the fact that the world may have dealt you some bad cards, I hope you don’t grow cynical. I’m hoping you hold on to those sensitive bits of you more tightly. I hope you maintain allowing your walls to operate as a presence rather than a border keeping people out rather than erecting impenetrable barriers. I wish you would continue to view the world with desire and romance.

I hope you come to appreciate this aspect of yourself. I trust you understand there is no actual benefit to making armour that is nearly hard to disassemble. Because jadedness prevents you from experiencing all that life has to offer. the emotions that make us human the good, the terrible, and the feels. the life that you were created to live and for yourself. Like you, the world needs. The world needs your heart of kindness. Everyone in the world needs you just as you are. All of your vulnerabilities, feelings, and inner workings. So please, try not to lose hope in this fleeting existence. Live completely, publicly, and honestly as you.

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  1. I agree! It’s actually something I’ve been telling myself – it’s okay to let go, it’s okay to put down the armor, I understand why I’ve been protecting myself, and I understand it’s time to stop. There are better things to do than brace for the worst, and it’s much easier and freer to move around with less armor!

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    1. GS says:

      Believe me, things would change automatically to your surprise and amazement, when you have given your best of effort and be willing to accept / surrender to the unfoldment of events as it is, without questioning the same, and then life would change dramatically taking you to the position where you ought to be.

      At hindsight, you would understand that all seemingly incoherent events are linked to one another to perfectly lead you to the position where you are right now.

      That’s flow of life…stay blessed 🤍🤍


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