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People who strive for perfection are typically dissatisfied because they are engaged in a race with no clear winner. It constantly evades their grasp as they draw closer. You will never be happy if you are flawless. Achieving a healthy balance between your career, family, and social life, however, may offer you great enjoyment.

  1. Determine Your Priorities And Schedule – You can discover that you spend too much time ironing, searching for missing goods, or wasting hours on Facebook when you examine how you spend your time.
  2. Optimise Your Daily Activities – The key to employing time management techniques is to constantly work smarter, not harder. Develop the habit of always putting things away to save time hunting for your keys, glasses, and other items. You will always be able to find your belongings if you only ever put them in 3 separate locations. The same is true with passwords; if you only have three, there’s little need in wasting time attempting to remember them. Direct debit is the fastest way to pay all of your expenses. Purchase more ready-to-wear clothing, particularly for the kids, and only iron necessary, avoiding linens and towels. Have your groceries delivered once a week, and if you don’t feel like you see your kids enough, bring them along when you go grocery shopping so you can make it enjoyable for both of you. This will help you overcome the “superwoman” attitude. Dictate letters while travelling to work, and invest in a device that allows you to transcribe emails.
  3. Learn To Say No. Nobody can do everything, so get accustomed to saying no. Because they believe that no one can perform the task as effectively as they can or that their firm couldn’t exist without them, people who strive for perfection struggle to say no when it’s appropriate. Your organisation will find a different way to complete the task when you say no; it won’t eliminate you from consideration because you are not superhuman.
  4. Give work and social priorities – Give work and even social priorities. Quickly choose if it is a MUST, COULD, or NICE to perform a task or accept an invitation. Then, unless you have spare time, accept the MUSTs and let the rest go. You won’t be overburdened with low priority duties, which will prevent burnout at both work and home. Reduce all social activities while at work, such as visits, calls, and lunches with friends, so that you may focus entirely on your job without interruptions. If checking your phone or email is not absolutely necessary when at home, you may fully shut off and devote yourself to your family. Eliminating distractions can help you accomplish more and establish boundaries so you can finish your task on time. Rushing around late just makes stress levels rise.
  5. Set Realistic Deadlines – Setting unrealistic or tight deadlines will only cause you to work under stress and worry. Set manageable deadlines for yourself, and if they feel excessive, ease down. In fact, slowing down if you’re feeling overwhelmed will make you more productive. Working more quickly won’t necessarily result in more productivity or accomplishment; nevertheless, working slowly and thoroughly the first time will result in greater productivity and time savings.
  6. Seek assistance – You don’t have to handle everything! Banish the superwoman syndrome by enlisting the aid of coworkers and including your children in tasks like emptying the washing machine and putting the groceries and clothing away.
  7. Start With The Jobs You Hate – Successful individuals always start with the tasks they detest, therefore avoid procrastinating on any tasks since this is a significant time waster and stress-inducing habit.
  8. Streamline and declutter – Declutter. You can focus better if your house and workstation are more organised. After reading through papers, periodicals, and mail, discard them. Additionally, once emails are finished, delete them so that you won’t feel overwhelmed because having a clear workspace promotes mental clarity.

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  1. sicetnon3 says:

    The perfect embraces imperfection as itself

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      1. sicetnon3 says:

        Gives new meaning to the phrase, “We are what we seek.”

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      2. GS says:

        Ask, believe and be granted ❤️


  2. Chris says:

    All great advice.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you Chris.

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      1. Chris says:

        You’re welcome

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