Why Most Writers Stop Writing


They stop because of their limiting beliefs.

Do you believe in the brain? You ought to. Kind of. It wants the best for you after all. Because of this, your ingrained behaviours were created to keep you safe. However, there comes a moment where this defence turns into a cage. It limits you. What was once a secure cocoon suddenly turns into a silken jail. Limiting beliefs are one strategy our brains use to do this. It advises us to aim low in order to protect ourselves from potential future repercussions, whether this is due to worry, imposter syndrome, or a fear of failure. The issue is that there is no risk of reward if there is no danger of consequence. I convinced myself for a very long time that I wasn’t very valuable. I would make comparisons between myself and those who were more successful than I was and give reasons why I was wasting my time attempting to approach their level. However, I could comprehend them if I accepted them. I had an opportunity to get past them once I had a better understanding of them. Here is what I discovered.

1. “I’m not worth it” – A buddy of mine who has a tiny content business says this. He recently complained to me about how difficult it is for him to pay his overhead costs but that he is unable to raise his pricing. I questioned him, “Why?” “Because my stuff isn’t worth the money. They will simply find something cheaper elsewhere if I raise my pricing, he claimed. Hearing this devastated me. I really like his content. I don’t simply say it because we’re friends. I do mean it, I do. Since it is clear that he cares. He cares a lot. Everything he does has this amazing solidity to it, as if you can actually feel the thinking that went into it. Additionally, it stands up to everything his rivals are doing. What makes him feel this way, then? In his book, Not a Life Coach, online personal trainer James Smith discusses this. He used to worry about packing his schedule with several clients in order to support himself. However, he quickly saw that he could charge a select few high-value clients more and then work less. Don’t tell yourself that you are less valuable. Tell the world you are worth more, then put forth a lot of effort to prove it. Nobody will make you a higher offer to pay. Therefore, you are worth what you claim to be worth. It is up to other individuals to choose whether or not they concur. But resist letting them determine your worth. Focus on being the greatest version of yourself, then introduce yourself and gauge interest. Be damned, the world!

2. I’m too young / too old” Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself to be too old. As you get older, the overton window you have in mind for appropriate ages will change. Young people often think, “I wish I could be there,” when they look up to older, wiser individuals. After a few short years, you could now say, “They’re so lucky,” when you look at the younger generation. Hedonic time travel is what it is. You won’t remember to appreciate what you already have and instead seek for what you need. Try your best to prevent this by all means. The passage from the past to the future in life is not a straight line. Throughout you, time passes. Therefore, the only option is to live in the now. Tomorrow is a mystery, and yesterday is history. Right now is always the present. You perform your best work THERE. The only thing that counts is THAT.

3. “I’m not qualified” – When I first began blogging online, I was faced with the age-old problem of determining my area of expertise. By promoting what you are knowledgeable in, the scribble-gurus will advise you to achieve momentum in your sector. Most of us are qualified to talk about nearly anything since we have some form of qualification. But what about those of us who are naturally curious, have a lot of interests, and frequently ponder about things? It would be far too simple to convince yourself that you lack the necessary expertise to discuss a subject. Asking what WOULD qualify you would be a better strategy right now. A diploma? Has ten years of experience? the approval of another person? Always have an advantage over someone else in some way. They are your prospective audience if you are a few steps in front of them. Utilise that.

4. “My content isn’t good enough” Everyone sees beauty in everything. You should be writing for people like them. And it’s okay if you’re not yet aware of who that somebody is. Continue experimenting and trying it out. Consequently, bear this in mind while you develop content. It’s simple to be distracted by things like views and earnings, but focus on the audience you’re writing for and just dive in (particularly in your first few years). Consider one reader, if you can. It may have been you 10 years ago, when you were younger. You are writing for this person. You merely need to make your material excellent enough for them. Keep your standards low and avoid comparing yourself to those who are more successful or well-liked than you. When evaluating your progress, consider how good your previous material was. The distance between where you are and where you want to be shouldn’t be a concern. Examine your progress from the beginning. Cringe when you recall your earlier posts. As a sign of progress, lean into the discomfort. It offers catharsis.

5. “I don’t have the talent” – Everyone is talented in one or more areas. However, that doesn’t imply you can’t succeed even if you don’t enter the world of your expertise. You’ll have more enjoyment if you can match your abilities with your mission. However, this is not necessary. You can learn since you don’t need skill. And on occasion, lacking a natural gift is just what you need to inspire yourself to succeed. Anyhow, I’d want to be renowned for my work ethic rather than my inherent brilliance. Yes, a sudden skill boost might make things go more quickly. And as a result, sticking with something could seem more normal. as though it were supposed to be. However, doing something you’re not talented at just forces you to pay attention to the details. You could give up an intuitive understanding in favour of a more intellectual one. Sooner or later, instinct will strike, but it will be based on a thorough knowledge. not just in your body but also in your thoughts. Who cares if you have the talent, then? In the long term, it could really provide the chance to be better.

This suggests that you should get out of your own way. You are the only one who can stop you. You’ve already lost the first fight if you think you can’t do anything. You have ruined the possibility. Before going through a door, you shut it. There are no guarantees in life. However, the quickest and simplest way to increase your failure rate to 100% is to give up, never attempt, and convince yourself you can’t do anything. So today, embrace the unpleasant aspects of yourself that you know, if you strive, you can conquer. The process won’t always be simple or quick. But keep in mind that desirable goods are difficult to get. So if things become challenging, keep in mind why you’re here. Give it your best when you get out there. To yourself, you owe it. for the future you.

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  1. Emaistace says:

    Amazing post. I have found a few areas where I doubted myself in here.
    Thank you for the boost.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Most welcome

      Liked by 1 person

  2. gpavants says:


    Thank you. Even though I din’t have the fire for writing and where it’s going, I am still doing ut. I don’t want to stop because there is a story to tell. Have a good weekend.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      True Gary. It doesn’t matter how many people read or comment on our posts. It’s important to keep sharing. Our writings is something that will outlive us.


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