What If You Could Feel Okay Here and Now?


What Living Metamorphically Means

How tempting it is to look for answers, a solution, or solace among the turmoil and conflict. to rebirth as soon as feasible. But what if you could remain contentedly, calmly, even voluntarily inside the gloomy, soggy cocoon? What if you were able to relax here?

We are all aware of how potently symbolic butterflies are for growth, rebirth, and personal development. The mariposa animal totem and spirit guide always brings forth the greatest of all rewards, which are internal revolutions and, consequently, social progress. People who identify with the symbolism of the butterfly and who are dedicated to the path of transformation understand how important it is to face the difficult and destructive process of undoing in order to achieve healing, freedom, and self-mastery.

The transformation of caterpillars into butterflies is extremely perplexing in its very nature. The caterpillar completely dissolves what was over the course of a 30-day period, with no anticipation of what would happen next and simply a true submission to the enigmatic blank. As it changes into something completely different, it disintegrates into a soup of cells and consumes its former existence. From a complete death of what it understood existence, perception, and life to be, the butterfly transforms into something of astonishment, splendour, and beauty.

Since all it feels like at the time is destruction, I am familiar with the uncomfortable sensation of being in the cocoon, the chilly, dark dungeon of creation. I am aware that it may be fairly natural to criticise and blame ourselves for returning to the cocoon, particularly if we have gotten accustomed to our lighter, airier butterfly expression or think we have conquered certain recurring patterns, inner conflicts, and psychological strain. However, as a soul on a dedicated road to development and self-realization, this alchemical process does not take place just once.

Do you realise how many butterflies you will turn into on your trip, my love? Keep in mind that most people only have a short lifespan a week, a month, or perhaps only a single year! This is the cycle of evolution that involves annihilation and regeneration. You have literally passed away many times, but you will return in new colours, with wings that are bigger and more agile so that you can fly to the flowers you are meant to fertilise. This is the formless mariposa medication, perpetually assuming the ephemeral forms of butterflies, chrysalises, and caterpillars. What a wonderful fate this is!

Living in a metamorphic way means being in tune with the cyclical cycle of things. We see Mother Nature as our wise elder who eloquently illustrates how everything is ever-changing and impermanent, and how nothing is ever fixed. It’s our readiness to let go of things in our life that aren’t functioning or serving us, as well as our dedication to improving ourselves for the benefit of all living things. It is the natural invitation life extends to us. If you experience feelings of helplessness or imprisonment inside the cocoon, remember that you are expanding, changing, and becoming a version of your magnificent self that has never before been seen or felt. Recognise that no amount of willpower can stop things from evolving naturally. Nothing you can do will be able to defeat what the Divine has in store for you.

Therefore, take a deep breath, surrender, and then patiently rest in the divine beauty of it all.

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