Dear Rebel


Yes, it’s you, you the rebel, who still does things their own way and not how society expects them to do.

You there, divine misfit. You’ve been hard to see lately, even in your brightness. It irritates you that this type of gloom is so familiar. They criticise you because you’ve changed your life in significant ways, whether it’s the way you now choose to live or the way you conduct yourself. The individuals you believed would turn up, congratulate you, and tell you, “I’m proud of you,” have now become clearer to you thanks to the opening of your eyes.

You don’t believe that you have lost anything at the moment. You have the impression that everything is lost.Your world. Your people. You’re not alone, Divine Misfit. Occasionally, the reflection of another person blinks back. These days, you’ve been doubting your life and the decisions you’ve made. You’ve been considering if they could have been correct. They claim that you believe you are superior to them simply for being you and that your mental strength is starting to become actual.

You’re right, divine misfit. Nothing would make you happier than to be accepted, free, and free again. You simply want to be understood, divine misfit. You want the portions of grace, vulnerability, and aligned frequency that you so freely gave up to be fully given back. These are not your folks, Divine Misfit. Even during your worst hour, a genuine community will support you. Not with words or a late-night text, but rather with the abundant wing of their acts, your people will provide as a constant reminder of their faith in you. You are the one you are looking for, the one who can guide you to the abundance you so strongly sense is lacking.

When this happens, bring this fact into existence: You deserve better, not in the future (tomorrow or a year from now), but for the rest of your life. For your own benefit and to provide closure, forgive those who still have room for improvement. When you’re ready, create a graph that outlines the exact procedures that will turn your dreams into reality and give life to the wishes your future self would have for you. Your future is bright, Divine Misfit. They might not comprehend your motivations or aspirations, but you do. You have taken the essential actions to bring your wonderful tale to this point, and you realise that in order to continue growing, you will need to have patience, persistence, and a student’s attitude.

People like you could ultimately meet paths with the ties you’ve been finding difficult to let go of, only under a different name and face. Although dealing with these sorts of strangers may be challenging, you will profit from the mind flowers you have collected via prior experience. Truth be told, there will always be others who won’t understand. Nevertheless, carry on and lead with the elegance of dawn and the spirit of a wildflower. You are right, Divine Misfit, to get rid of things that are no longer enhancing your life. You are neither “mean” or “bad” for deciding to devote your time to something that provides a complete return. You are not “rude” for setting boundaries or “complicated” for telling children why it used to be difficult to maintain boundaries.

You are a human, divine misfit. You are heavenly for the special way you navigate this planet; a misfit to those people, past and present who see you as a looming threat to their position.You are here, divine misfit.
What is being asked of you at this time?

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  1. Lanie ❤ says:

    Thank you for this. I didn’t evergreen know I needed to read it. I haven’t been reading lately and this caught my eye and it’s just what I needed. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Most welcome


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