A Quick Note To My Anxiety Today


Sunday evenings are typically when anxiety grips me for a number of reasons. Here’s what I reminded myself again today. It may or may not resonate with you so take what you need to leave the rest.

I regret that learning how to manage my anxiety took me so long in life. Even though I felt less whole during worrisome times, those years of hardship were ultimately a blessing. They gave me extremely precise instructions on how to achieve mental freedom. I was so desperate to get rid of it that I became more obsessed with my goal than most others. I was so fixated on it that, unfortunately, it made me feel more worried.

There are several things I learnt, one of which is that a number of factors might cause “anxiety.” Diet, Your level of movement, your thoughts, how sensitive you are to stimulus, and your environment and circumstances. The element that is at the core of it all, however, must be shared since I have a limited amount of time here. It’s the one item that, if you were to ‘repair’ it alone, you wouldn’t even need to take into account the other factors. And it was observing that anxiety is nothing more than a feeling brought on by a thinking.

When I had this very basic realisation, my perception of life dramatically changed. Because once I realised that nothing outside of the world, my profession, or my surroundings affected how I felt, I was able to…I could let go more quickly. Having perspective speeds up the release process. It forms a lovely habit of ongoing ease. We cannot let go while feeling nervous.

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