Garima, Your Best is Enough


That gentle reminder I need when I am succeeding but still feel inadequate or not doing enough. I consider myself a living legend of imposter syndrome.

You will experience periods in life when you feel worn out, helpless, lonely, and forgotten. You’ll feel cut off like an old tree that has been chopped down at the root, fading like a once-beautiful flower, and abandoned like an empty home. You could begin to lose hope for the future, lose faith in life, and lose faith in yourself at such moments. You’ll undoubtedly reflect on the past with regret and nostalgia, and you’ll probably feel disappointed and afraid of the future. And although what I’m about to say might seem cliche, those are the times when you need to fight the most.

We all want to think of ourselves as fighters, as having the stamina to make it through life, as being bold, daring, brave, and, most importantly, as being patient. Because it makes us feel better about ourselves and feeds our ego, we would prefer to think that way. We could also believe it because we’ve heard it from others or because we’ve had to demonstrate our strength in the past. What transpires to us, nevertheless, when we fail? How do you react when all you’ve worked for is destroyed? What happens if your dream is somehow shattered, if all your efforts fall short, etc.? Do you weep yourself to sleep and sob while in bed? Do you shut yourself in your room and avoid talking to anybody else? Or do you spend the evening traversing the city, laughing heartily at the dumbest things, and drinking your sorrows away?

How can one overcome such suffering? How do you put your broken dream back together? When you believe you failed, how do you deal with yourself? We become less concerned with failure as we experience more success in life. It just ceases to be an option. We blithely assume that luck will be on our side and that life won’t let us down because we trust in ourselves, our abilities, and our abilities. Then, out of nowhere, we fail. We run out of time, become overexcited, and become distracted. Our abilities let us down, others improve, and we only stagnate. And before we realise it, our name becomes simply one among many, and our goals get further away and more unreachable…

I’ve lived through these moments, so I understand how they may be. I failed when I least needed to and least expected to. I failed and was unable to overcome it, so I came to believe that life had nothing but disappointment and grief to give. If you are reading this, I really hope that you will never be able to connect to what I am discussing or even imagine it in your mind. However, if you did and you will one day since it is inevitable, please take into account what I am about to say. In your struggle and most definitely in your sadness, you are not alone.

Don’t be misled by the diners’ jokes, the grins in the photos, the Instagram sunsets, or the cheery Facebook quips. Don’t be deceived by what life is not; instead, focus on how we would like it to be and how we desperately attempt to mould it into our idealised world. No, you are not alone yourself. Everyone needs assistance, so look around. You can see a tear from last night if you look attentively in those intensely blue eyes. There is a wound inside that joyful spirit, and there is a scar surrounding that crooked grin. Everywhere you look and among everyone you know, a conflict is raging.

Our moms are the source of it. All of life’s struggles—the ones involving time, money, patience, and sacrifice—are present inside the one soul that gives selflessly and loves without end. These struggles are all there inside our moms. After that, there will undoubtedly be more conflicts, disputes, heartaches, and failures. Congratulations, you have successfully completed one of them! The finest and the remainder are still to come. You did not do poorly because you lack ability.

You failed for a reason, whether it was because you didn’t try hard enough or because you pushed yourself over your limits. I wish I had learned this before succumbing to hopelessness and experiencing sadness; I wish I had known that failure does not spell the end. But I knew very little and understood very less. And everything I said about myself, including the reasons I believed I was resilient and forgiving, and the tales I told about how I would always pick myself up after being knocked down by life, were all false. I was unsuccessful, gave up, and gave in.

And whomever is reading this may be able to connect to it in some way since we are unable to avoid life’s setbacks, including the numerous occasions when events turn out quite differently from how we had anticipated. Yet it’s only now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that failure has given me a chance, a gift, or a blessing. I’ve only now come to the realisation that I still have a lot to learn and that I can both be who I had imagined and who I had thought impossible. My heart is filled with an unlimited, unending anguish that is akin to a mother’s love. I have a scar as broad as the sky and as deep as the nighttime darkness, and terror stops me every single day.

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  1. BMJainSurana says:

    Best line : In your struggle and most definitely in your sadness, you are not alone.!!
    I do believe you are never alone 😊

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    1. GS says:

      Agreed Sir

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  2. sicetnon3 says:

    “We all want to think of ourselves as fighters, as having the stamina to make it through life, as being bold, daring, brave, and, most importantly, as being patient.” Yes, I think you revealed what is at the root; it is a want/desire. And this want/desire is a resistance against reality. And yes, thinking it does not make it so, and rather leads to frustration and stress.

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  3. BMJainSurana says:

    Best line to think Positive: . In your struggle and most definitely in your sadness, you are not alone.!!

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    1. GS says:



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