Improve Mood Like Instant Ramen


Here are some quick tips to improve your mood.

  1. Decrease your speed somewhat. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: slowing down makes life simpler and, consequently, more pleasurable. This does not entail moving slowly like a melancholy turtle. I’m referring to moving a little more slowly so you can see life in full 4K and not just in black and white like everyone else.
    This provides you a significant advantage in a world where everyone is hurried.
  2. Laugh silly. The majority of us struggle through life while carrying a stick up our arses. Dum dum, YOU made it difficult. To live a looser, funnier life, you must be loose and entertaining. People are serious around you because of you. This reality was produced by you. Create a lively environment, and people will dive right in. You’ll have the zest for life of a badass chimpanzee.
  3. Inhale slowly three times. Breathe after me. Do not hurry this section. In for five seconds via the nose, then exhale for five. Repeat this three times, at which point you should fall to your knees, shout out, and express gratitude that Mr Alex entered your timeline at the appropriate time.
  4. Appreciate quick joy. Because we have been hypnotised into believing that feeling good requires time, the majority of us mope around as though we lost a winning lottery ticket. IF…If only I could have everything exactly how I want it and the wife wouldn’t be quiet on me, everything would be perfect.I’ll be pleased THEN, we mutter. Great, you’re now postponing your bliss for an undefined future. Your delight originates in the NOW and nowhere else. Spank yourself on the butt cheek while stooping. Now tell me that you cannot now produce delight.
  5. Internally grinned. You won’t feel any better by grinning maniacally and closing your eyes. It will simply make me want to quickly exit the room. Try allowing a grin to emerge from within you over time, becoming brighter and brighter. Make sure to do this to electrify every fibre of your deceased corpse. Your genuine smile will come naturally if you carry an inner grin with you everywhere you go.
  6. Refuse one energy guzzler. Say this the next time you want to load yourself with jelly doughnuts when you’re depressed: “Hey buddy, don’t do it.” We can do this. We succeed when we are able to resist a temptation or vice and choose to be in the now. We receive energy and a better mood right away as compensation. Exercise some control over the behaviours you are aware are unhealthy. You’ll rise if you accept responsibilities like an adult.
  7. Perform an air guitar. Take a wide stance, lean back, and give your best Jimi Hendrix imitation before leaving the home. Sound effects are not required. At this point, you could believe that I’m making you laugh and that I don’t take anything seriously. Einstein, you’re just partially right. The important thing to remember is that, no matter how miserable your life may be right now, you always have a choice. Are you free or enslaved by the seriousness’ of your life as it is perceived?
  8. Make the dragon awake. In the deepest recess of your mind, Drake the dragon is snoring forth smoke rings. He’s sleeping because he’s so damn bored. Because you think that aggressiveness is disrespectful and impolite and should be restrained, you keep ignoring him. Get confrontational instead of being a whining little diva for a change. Wake Drake, make the decision to be brave today, and let hell loose.
  9. Cover the cake hole. We benefit from keeping our lips shut in a number of ways: It has been demonstrated that breathing via the nose increases oxygen intake as well as posture. We reduce our food intake and regain control over comfort eating. Because your body has finished trying to digest all the garbage you’ve been ingesting, fasting also offers you energy. Less talking encourages us to prove our value via deeds. Instead of telling everyone what we are capable of, we start to attract attention when we demonstrate it.
  10. Improve someone’s mood. We make ourselves miserable believing that others should make us happy. This is the secret to living joyfully. Stop. People will act in the same way regardless of how fantastic, horrible, or stupid it is. Your ability to put your own pleasure aside, go out into the world, and make others happy is what will ultimately make you happy. Act right now. Tell someone you messaged that they are awesome. Now that you’ve been raised, you’re in the ideal position to dominate.

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