What are the Levels Of Mental Growth That Impact Your Life And Success


The levels of mental growth that impact our life and success refer to the stages of cognitive development we go through as we age and experience the world around us.

These stages were first identified by psychologist Jean Piaget and later expanded on by other researchers. Here are the four main stages:

1. Sensorimotor Stage: During the first two years of life, we learn through sensory exploration and simple actions, like grasping and sucking. This stage lays the foundation for later mental and cognitive development.

2. Preoperational Stage: From ages 2-7, we start to use symbols to represent things, like using a toy to represent a car. Our thinking at this stages is egocentric, meaning it’s difficult for us to understand perspectives other than our own.

3. Concrete Operational Stage: During ages 7-12, we start to think logically about the physical world around us. We begin to solve problems in a systematic way and understand that numbers and basic concepts, like volume and weight, can be manipulated.

4. Formal Operational Stage: From age 12 onwards, we begin to think abstractly and can understand complex concepts, like theories of science and math. Our thinking becomes more nuanced, and we can engage in hypothetical reasoning, thinking about ideas and concepts that might not exist in the real world.

Each of these stages impacts our ability to learn, understand, and adapt to the world around us. By understanding these different stages, we can better identify our own strengths and weaknesses and work to cultivate new strengths that will benefit our overall personal and professional growth.

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  1. Rochdalestu says:

    Great post and a very interesting topic. Personally I think we never stop learning and understanding. Our life also has the potential to change dramatically in an instant. I also think we are conditioned from an early age about the future, we have to get X to do Y and so on, then this continues with us into our working life and we plan for our retirement and if we have enough money in our pension. It seems like we’re never concerning ourselves with the present moment.

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    1. GS says:


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  2. Great post! Very thoughtful!

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you found the post informative


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