Don’t Quit Before You Reach Your Goal

Achieving your goals requires consistency and determination.

Here are some tips to help keep you motivated and avoid quitting before reaching your goals:

  1. Start with clear and specific goals: Clearly define your goals, and establish plans towards achieving them. Ensure that they are specific and measurable.
  2. Celebrate small achievements: Celebrate the small wins as they serve as momentum and reminder of progress made so far. By assigning meaning to even small marks of progress, it encourages non-abandonment of goals.
  3. Develop a support system: Find people who support and encourage your progress and regularly check on your work progress.
  4. Focus on the why: Focus on the benefits of achieving the goal, and let that be a daily motivator that foster reminders on the rationale behind those objectives.
  5. Break down the goals: If the objective seems too tall to climb, break it down into manageable setbacks, focusing on achieving each part slowly and one step at a time.
  6. Accept failure as part of progress: Embrace its utility, the successes of individuals who belittled failure & kept going. Expect stumbling and make it the raison d’etre to advance rather than wait for a full course reload.

In summary, maintain focus, identify a support system, celebrate progress along the way ultimately assisted in continually maintaining the importance, rationale, and advantages of your individual goals. The effort put into achieving a target is admirable and meaningful, and sticking to predetermined patterns to keep progress moving, despite slow incremental steps, is a testament to top-of-the-line determination traits.

“Find Your Voice” is a collection of over 100 heart warming poems that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. This book is filled with beautiful and encouraging poems that remind you that you can always find your voice in this world. Each poem is carefully crafted to provide comfort and hope in times of darkness and doubt. When you need a reminder of the light within you, pick up a copy of the book today.”


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  1. Is that a link to your personal book of poems? I’d LOVE to be published!! ~Di

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    1. GS says:

      Yes that’s the link :):):)
      Oh you should. It’s very easy to “self publish” these days :):)):)
      I wish you good luck for your future endeavours 🤍🤍

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      1. That’s great! Congratulations! I am not very tech savvy unfortunately. Bummer

        Liked by 1 person

      2. GS says:

        Oh I would love to help once you are done with the draft. Let me know if you need anything

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      3. Wow. Thanks. That’s very generous ~Di

        Liked by 1 person

      4. GS says:

        Most welcome. Happy to help a fellow author.

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