Don’t Ignore Your Feelings


As humans, our emotions can make us happy or sad, and cause us to re-evaluate our behavior for our own well-being or relationships. Our feelings act as a guide and help us live honestly and meaningfully, contributing to our overall well-being.

Here are six reasons why we should listen to our feelings:

  1. Emotions reveal our internal compass: Our feelings usually reflect what’s happening internally and function as a guiding compass leading to a deeper understanding of our psyche. By sensing and identifying emotions, we get in touch with our innermost thoughts, and that contributes to self-awareness.
  2. Emotions are like feedback: Feelings can respond quickly in an instant and serve as a valuable mechanism to identify what situations are troubling or those that bring pleasure. Their sensation equals communicating about our needs or desires.
  3. Suppressed & denied emotions can lead to negative effects on overall wellbeing: By ignoring our emotions and suppressing them, we make ourselves vulnerable to developing low moods, unhealthy coping mechanisms, or stress-oriented environments that would be a standing power to increase detrimental conditions.
  4. Emotions help us maintain growth: Try practicing acknowledging and expressing emotions, can increase personal emotional growth. Though this may need honesty, vulnerability, and assessments of the depth related to progression in regards to achieve and maintain purpose.
  5. Emotions guide decision making : emotions play two roles in guiding our thoughts towards making sound-judgements or decisions, taking contributing factors to mind while remaining within the bounds of authenticity.
  6. Emotions provide information about our relationships: they showcase our mental states and alert us to incompatible relationships, particularly relationships that require change or boundaries to be maintained, it forms the basis of a significant aspect of social intelligence.

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