How Technology Screwed Mental Health


Lets discusses the potential downside to technology on mental health.

Technology has been a catalyst in enhancing mental health, but as simultaneously produced negative effects. The exposure to social media, as well as the pressure to be productive, results in a second set of worries and anxiousness.

Social media, an integral part of everyday life, creates a significant impact on mental health.Users can fall into the comparison trap of someone else’s perceived ideal online life, causing negative impact mentally due to a sense of inadequacy and anxiety as a result of procrastination and self-discrimination.

Work-integrated software for productivity improvements, though aiming to increase efficiency, rapidly becomes ingrained into every aspect of life, erasing human boundaries between the work and social life, leading to lack of freedom and autonomy.

There is a dire need for time management planning and prioritisation to reduce the negative impact of different technologies.

Self-regulation is an important measuring scale to use technology optimally and limit the potential negative impacts.

Enhancement applications, or apps, may have an adverse effect on mental health, developing a new type of social isolation than social media users may perceive.

Here’s how you can implement digital minimalism:

   1- Limiting the use of social media and consistent, intentional use.
   2- Set boundaries between work and social life to limit encroachment.
   3- Occasionally reset your mind by disconnecting from devices.
   4- Enhancing self-regulation applied with time management so as to productively optimize technology use and educate themselves to understand the effect of every technology introduced into our lives.

In conclusion, the article indicates that the extensive use of technology can have adverse effects on mental health. Recommendations are placing boundaries limiting the negative impact and increasing self-awareness via understanding technology effects on the interpersonal relationships fostering personal realization, communication and time management applications achieve maximum benefit to reduced potential negative impacts of technology intervention.

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  1. Taran says:

    I’d really like to see more serious studies in this area. My own experience is in line with it, yet that’s anecdotal. We certainly have enough guinea pigs!

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