Reading Book – A Lost Art


There have been concerns developing globally over the reading habits of individuals, particularly the loss of the ability to read extended-format books.

Here are the contributing factors:

  • Social media and smartphones – easily accessible and media-intense, shifting the focus toward scrolls than to read books may result in participants losing extended reading time in favour of continually interactive feeds
  • Lack of attention, focus and reading communities – where people might have difficulties in devoting prolonged hours demanding focus, study skills or have appropriate attention spans, many social media invite shorter and easier formats for an unintentional loss of interest.
  • Screen addiction – leading to undivided attention, pull down the attention span, reducing the focus span for logical reasoning and creative imagination discernments while dampening imagination and inspiration levels
  • Digitalization – creates difficulties for reflexive readerships, including the requirement to read in online formats, with fewer creative displays available, making readers susceptible to less interest and therefore, a growing inability for prolonged reading periods.
  • Commercialisation of reading and demanded faster rates of reading and immediate gratification have created a lack of patience for indulging in longer reading times favouring short summaries, reinforcing the inability to read longer materials.

By being continuously engulfed in social media, shorter pieces of media, and digital media, individuals are navigating curtailed reading thresholds, attention spans and overall engagement towards longer reading formats.

Incorporating consistent engagement with long-form reading can suggest having more profound concentrations and analytical capabilities and adding additional competencies towards a fulfilled reading lifestyle context. therefore, planning to manage setbacks through scheduling and prioritizing extended reading times and acquiring a social-constructive environment could aid the loss of interest towards longer literature-formats, turning them common to the individual lifestyle.

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  1. This is an important topic. My attention seems to have gotten worse over the past few years. I might have ADHD as well, but the fact remains my attention has become more scattered. I wish I could read the way I used to. Writing, at least, remains a haven of focus for me. 🙏

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    1. GS says:

      I can relate to that. For me what helps is deep breaths. I remind myself to take 2-3 deep breaths with eyes closed multiple times a day. It kind of brings to back to the present moment and perspective changes sometimes


      1. I think I’ll try this. I’ve sometimes used breathing techniques throughout the day to relieve stress, but not often for focus itself outside of seated meditation. Thanks for the suggestion, GS.

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      2. GS says:

        Most welcome. Don’t push too much. Attention improves overtime. Earlier I struggled with concentration for even a few seconds together now I can do it for minutes. See what works for you

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