Why Do We Like People


There are several techniques and habits to help individuals become more likable to others.

Here are the key points:

  • The first habit of likable people is showing genuine interest in others and actively listening to them. Ensuring that you’re present in a conversation with others is important to building solid relationships, also asking thoughtful questions can show more interest.
  • The second habit is displaying authenticity and honesty while interacting with peers. Surprising how humble honesty can elevate one’s personality.
  • Giving appreciation and compliments is the third habit in the list. Dunlap recommends sincerely and specificially commending people on their achievements or ideas can make them feel more valued.
  • Habit four is aiming to give value to others, rather than just extracting value.
  • Habit five is focusing on the positive. Where positivity is a key habit to enhance the energy and enthusiasm during conversations.
  • Habit six is keeping an open mind and accepting everyone to learn from individuals who have differing opinions and creating a culture of respect even with dissent.
  • Finally, Habit seven is being consistent in keeping these habits regularly and actively using them, to build and maintain a strong and fulfilling network.

In conclusion, following the habits of likable people is all about practicing active listening, sincerely complimenting others for their accomplishments, focusing on adding value to others, self-reflection, maintaining a mindset with positivity and keeping and staying consistent in all relationships.

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