You Are On The Right Path


Yes, you are on the right path, even when it doesn’t look like it.

Here are some surprising signs that you are on the right path, contrary to what you may believe.

  • The first sign is that things are breaking down. Disruptions and breakages are often a natural part of growth; thus, things seemingly falling apart or breaking down does not necessarily connote failure in the journey to success.
  • The second counterintuitive sign of being on the right path is witnessing a lack of passion. A lack of passion often indicates that personal fulfillment suffices the journey to success. Success does not always come with immediate passion but with further self-discovery and shared challenges.
  • Habit third is a sign that everything is slowing down for the individual. Though it may seem like slowing a challenging change, the reduced pace gives an insightful understanding and greater appreciation to the journey.
  • Habit four is experiencing uncertainty. When we let go of past beliefs and embrace being within the unknown, it serves as an indication personal growth and finding opportunities. Feeling uncertain means growth is acting accordingly.
  • The fifth counterintuitive sign often be perceived is not being universally likable. Pursuing a path different from the masses may cause division, rather than conforming to widely accepted beliefs that hinder following an individual’s passion.
  • Habit six is feeling resistance to the traditional markers of success. Stifling to traditional beliefs from society can resonate with an individual’s definition of success, hindering its value from realising personal growth. This feeling of resistance challenging one’s definition with a broader perspective of ultimate satisfaction.
  • Finally, habit seven points attention to a small accomplishment being a big win. Rarely celebrate small steps achieved for the first time can bring happiness going long, encouraging that success ultimately should not only be tied to bigger goals.

In conclusion, it is normal within personal journeys to often neglect personal growth that can hinder potential personal growth and indicate if we are on the right path towards overall satisfaction. These signs are a compelling reminder to reflect positively on the changes and stressors in a journey towards success as events of growth and learning new things will craft stronger individuals, impacting positively and to take pride in small achievements along the way.

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  1. Garmina, this is a big wow for me. I have been dealing with several struggles lately and resistance to these struggles. This week, I started a process of meditation and acceptance to these setbacks. I just ordered your book. I always love your posts.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you Mary Anne. We are on the right path even when it doesn’t seem like it. May you always be surrounded by universal energy. Stay blessed.

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  2. Wow, holy crap. I cannot tell you how much I needed to read this right now. It was basically the first post I saw and most needed. Really well put, beautiful advice, and really – thank you. This was just magical for me to stumble on.

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    1. GS says:

      Oh my, thank you. I am so glad you resonated with the post. Stay blessed. May the synchronicities keep happening for you.


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