A Feeling of Oneness


People may feel stressed when they are not aligned with the feeling of oneness with the universe.

The feeling of oneness encourages an individual to act with purpose and meaning in the world. In contrast, when someone does not feel aligned, they can feel disconnected and unfulfilled, which can lead to stress and anxiety. In this blog post, we will explore how this occurs, and what can be done to restore alignment.

Firstly, it may be helpful to define what we mean by “Oneness with the Universe.” The philosophy of oneness is the concept that everything in the universe is interconnected, and that separation is illusory. Thus, we are all one entity, and our shared experiences keep the Universe in perfect order, balance and harmony.

However, as we go through life, stress can arise if we fall out of alignment with this philosophy. One way this can occur is by a loss of purpose. Experiencing a sense of meaninglessness in life can make a person feel disconnected and unsure of what avenues to pursue to become connected.

When people get out of sync with this idea, the world can feel more hostile. Centers of control are fixed in higher powers, such as economic and social structures, education, and corporate power play, which often contribute to disrupting the ecosystem and social balance. Over-reliance on these elements to shape our lives and experiences can leave us feeling helpless, lost, and drained. These circumstances can lead individuals feeling less empowered and more resistant to the idea of taking responsibility for creating and shaping our circumstances, increasing anxiety, and feelings of stress.

One way to reduce such stresses is by pursuing spiritual practice or philosophy that promotes oneness and self-connection, such as meditation, yoga, or other spiritual disciplines. These practices nourish an individual’s sense of self and reduce disconcertment with the larger happenings in the broader world.

Individuals can also focus on building personal character in the form of ethical reflexes, compassion, and gratitude, all essential in building the right connections with others, the world existence and the larger universe.

Finally, seeking shared-togetherness, including spending time with individuals with common interests and values, engaging with society through volunteering, can enhance esteem, influence, and the social-consciousness of individuals and empowerment in itself.

Therefore, painful stress that results from disconnecting from the bigger picture oneness eradicates the responsibility and power of the energies that affect our sense of peace, influencing our responses and priming us to make poor choices. Paying more attention to our personal growth practices, nurturing close relationships, and leading a kinder, purposed aligned lifestyle can positively reconnect us to our oneness principles for the good of ourselves, exchanges, and ultimately and best make us good stewards of the universal experience life offers.

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