Things Are Always Getting Better I Promise

Here are some telltale signs that things are getting better for you even if it doesn’t seem like it.

The universe can sometimes give us signs that indicate that things are getting better in our lives, even if they don’t seem like it at first. Here are a few compelling signs that things are getting better for us:

  1. Challenges fade away: It could be situations that once consumed our energy and caused distress to fade away and create space for something new.
  2. Unexpected interactions and Kindness: Often, when life seems difficult, and we are uncertain about our future, the universe gives random acts of kindness, leading us to better paths consistently.
  3. Feel strong inclination: Sometimes, we may feel an urge or desire that compels us to follow a particular path or direction that eventually leads to positive outcomes.
  4. Change in Attitude/ Ability to heal: Sometime the most challenging situations in our lives can lead to immense growth and change within us. If we observe ourselves and see that we have a newfound resilience and that our pain has propelled growth and development, it might be an indication things are moving in a more positive direction.
  5. Growth and Healing may require somberness: The idea of growth often implies happier times, but sometimes personal growth occurs when in a mourning cycle through grief. From restoration, we realize hidden strengths such as resilience, courage and acceptance.

Ultimately, recognising these signs, taking a moment to really observe and give ourselves credit for making the right noises to lead us down the path of continued learning, inner-peace and growth can propel an individual forward with gratitude, presence and well-being.

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