When Love Leaves


When love departs, let it go.

Allow it to slip out the back door quietly, or allow it to smash the windows loudly.

When love departs, kiss it on the forehead.

Tell it you hope it comes back soon. Tell it you appreciate it and remind it of the beauty and growth it represents.

When love departs, let yourself go.

Let go

Cry on the floor and sob to your mother until you have no more moments to mourn.

Become a mess, the type of mess where you figure out how to perfectly clean yourself up.

When love departs, remember how you survived before it arrived in the first place. Remind yourself that strength is not found when we are alone, but when we know we can be alone after completely forgetting how.

When love departs, remind yourself of why it must depart.

Do not linger. Do not feel bad about yourself or that you should have done something differently.

Forgive yourself when love departs.


Do not take words personally, and do not let affection define your ability to cope in the present.

Choose to feel empowered when love departs.

Feel like the boss of your own life; learn to give yourself the guidance you require to keep moving forward. When it’s gone, gently trace your cheeks with the intent he once had, with the sole purpose of healing the drowning and suffocation they feel.

Breathe when love departs. Concentrate on your breathing and its significance.

Let go of love when it departs.

Find the inner faith that aches to become hope within your bones. Allow it to go, knowing that you know nothing, and that there is no telling whether or not love will return, or if you will.

Inner peace


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  1. L. M. Montes says:

    Beautiful. I’m reblogging this.

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    1. GS says:

      Sure thing

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