Intelligent People Prefer to Be Alone: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Extraordinary intelligence is always remembered by a single name, not the names of a group or a couple of people. When you think of Amazon, you automatically think of Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk, Tesla. Einstein, relativity. There is never more than one name associated with a major accomplishment. That’s because geniuses usually forge their own path rather than following others, and the price for doing so is spending a lot of time alone. Some of them enjoy it, while others despise it:

I despised being alone as a child. I don’t want to be alone as an adult. It is extremely depressing ~ Elon Musk.

Even if he claims to despise being alone, he will not give up his job to spend more time with his friends. So he would rather be alone and thrive than with a group of people and have more fun. Aside from that, intelligent people have a natural desire to be alone. And this tendency can be explained by three factors, which we will discuss now.

1/3 — They Can Think For Theirselves
The best superpower that intelligent people have is that they are not bound by the rules of society. They can choose to disregard social norms and do whatever they want. This is because their superior abilities allow them to choose what they want to do with their lives rather than being dictated to by others. They can choose to be the black sheep rather than another member of the herd.

And when you do not conform to society’s expectations, you are far more likely to be alone. Because society has created a “normal” way of life that almost everyone follows (Get a job, get married, have children, die). However, if you want to work 14 hours a day, society will regard you as “strange,” and you will be alone. Because if everyone is working 8 hours a day, you’ll be on your own if you want to work at 10 p.m. or later. Choosing your own path leads you to unusual situations, where you will almost certainly be alone. This is the case of Bill Gates, who has put himself in a unique position to get the most out of himself:

The Great Bill
Where do you look for inspiration when you’re stuck?
Perhaps a park, a studio, or a random walk… Bill Gates, on the other hand, does not fit those criteria because, by using his own brain, he has developed a technique for being extremely productive. Instead of going for a walk and feeding the birds, he has decided to rent a wooden house in the middle of nowhere for a week. So, when he needs inspiration, he literally packs a bag of books and travels alone to a small house in the countryside. Once there, he will work day and night until a week has passed.

This technique was not mentioned in any of the books he had read. He used his own brain to come up with a better way to concentrate, which led him to a wooden house in the middle of nowhere (alone, obviously).
By doing so, he has learned to enjoy and even profit from his alone time. Because no one is around, he can concentrate like never before.
Thinking with your own brain has advantages and disadvantages. You will be more capable than the rest of the population, but this may make you the most lonely. Because you’ll reach conclusions that no one else has, and as a result, you’ll do things that no one else has done.
So learn to appreciate your alone time!

2/3 — They are concerned about things that most people are not.
You are already aware of how frustrating it is to speak and not be heard. If you care about something and people don’t appreciate or understand it, you’ll grow tired of being around them. Nikola Tesla, for example, was concerned with inventing new things and ensuring a better future for humanity. The guy lived alone because, What person could talk with him about changing the world? How many people were capable of keeping up with his thoughts? He was obviously travelling alone. Instead of viewing loneliness negatively, he turned it around and used it to his advantage:

Being alone is the secret of invention; it is when ideas emerge. — Nikola Tesla. As a result, when intelligent people try to do something different, they are frequently misunderstood by those around them. Understanding what Tesla was making requires some brain power, and doing it yourself requires even more. Henry Ford is a good example of someone who worries about important things. Everyone in America in the 1900s relied on horses for transportation. When the first automobiles were introduced, people thought horses were far superior!

But Henry Ford was no longer thinking about horses; he was thinking about mass-producing automobiles. How many people in America thought that? There aren’t many, for sure. So when he announced that he was going to start an automobile company, everyone laughed at him.
He was alone because his ideas were too advanced for his generation, so he didn’t have any other option than to thrive on his own.

If you’re working on a startup and your friends are worried about how many goals Manchester United will score today, you’ll probably feel isolated, even if you’re not alone. When you tell your friends about your ambitions and ideas, they may respond with: Okay, okay, but do you think Cristiano Ronaldo should keep playing? This may give you the impression that you are completely alone. Intelligent people are concerned about issues that most people are not. When they can’t find anyone who agrees with them, being alone with their thoughts becomes the best option.

3/3 — Their priorities differ from those of the others
Intelligent people prioritise differently than ordinary people. Instead of thinking about joy and pleasure, they might consider progress and innovation. Steve Jobs did not consider pleasure when he purchased a home in Silicon Valley. Despite the fact that he could afford every piece of furniture available, he only purchased a couple of chairs, a mattress, and a Tiffany’s lamp. The rest of his home was deserted. His priorities were focused on building Apple and making it the best tech company in the world, so he gave up pleasure and didn’t even buy a couch for his living room.

So, if you’re in a group of people who want to hang out frequently, you might prefer to work on your projects or do something fun. When the group’s and your interests do not coincide, you may prefer to move on and spend more time alone working on your projects. That is what motivates intelligent people to be alone in this situation. After all, if your goal is to start a business and your group’s goal is to make enough money to survive, you’ll naturally spend more time working on your own rather than with them.

Intelligent people stand out from the crowd. They have greater abilities than ordinary people, which leads to higher expectations for their lives and greater possibilities. It makes no sense to do what everyone else is doing with their normal cars if you have a Ferrari brain. It is preferable to maximise your abilities and push them as far as possible. And if you want to maximise your potential, you cannot be constantly surrounded by people; you must spend time alone. You share your incredible intelligence with almost no one else, so you’ll naturally spend more time alone, attempting to achieve your loftier ambitions, goals, and ideas.

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  1. parikhit says:

    Ingesting points. Personally I find it necessary to zone out and zone back in, and as much as inspiration can be found in the most amusing and unassuming places, the silent altar can bring out the best in us.

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    1. GS says:

      It’s a good practice!!

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  2. Jony says:

    I totally agree! Love those points, spot on. Knowing about it is good, but taking action is better.

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    1. GS says:


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  3. Lori says:

    More insights that resonate. I never get time alone anymore, because both my husband and I work from home (since covid). We have no time apart. I’ve actually been looking for a cabin to rent alone for a few days (to write). But, I likely won’t because it could be dangerous.
    And this resonated, too: “When you tell your friends about your ambitions and ideas, they may respond with: Okay, okay, but do you think Cristiano Ronaldo should keep playing? This may give you the impression that you are completely alone.”
    I wrote about this in my “Deep Waters” post where I was told that people aren’t comfortable around me because I talk “too deep.” 🤷‍♀️
    This is why I like to follow bloggers who are deep like you, Garima. Thanks for sharing your “deep” insights. 😉

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you Lori. Spending time alone is necessary is today’s world.

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  4. I enjoyed this post very much! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Glad you liked the post.


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