Take a Fresh Look at Life

I’d like you to recall a time when you received some much-needed advice. Whatever situation you were in, you must admit that the advice had an effect on you. If it was good, you probably felt refreshed and ready to face the obstacles in your path, right? Now, I’d like you to compare the person you were before receiving this advice to the person you are now — what differences do you notice?

You may notice that you are the same person but from a different perspective, correct? Consider how this Perspective pushed you away from Self-Destruction and towards Progress. All you needed to face adversity was a mental shift to change your perspective everything else remained the same. In dealing with adversity, perspective is extremely important.

It is the distinction between having life happen to you and having life happen for you. I’m willing to go a step further and say it’s the difference between stagnation and fulfilment. But this leads me to my next question: should you wait for better perspectives from others or can you do it for yourself as well?

It is difficult, but not impossible, to do this for yourself. This is an internal quest, and you must look within yourself for answers. To delve deeper, you must let go of self-pity and examine adversity subjectively and objectively. Everything that cannot be changed will demand your attention, but you must concentrate more on what can be changed. There will be many questions, but there will also be many answers — this is the path through Adversity.

I’ll leave you with Inky Johnson’s words: Every day of the week, perspective drives performance… How you see what you do will always influence how you do it.

I want you to remember the following as a result of this:

If Your Perspective Isn’t Valuable, Change It Deep within you is a lens through which you see the Universe and the small piece of it that has been given to you. This lens shifts the Universe’s focus away from what it is for itself and towards what it means to you. I cannot say whether this lens is good or bad for you, but you can find out for yourself by examining the value it provides.

Does this lens, this perspective, serve you well? If you have to lie to yourself to get through the day, if you have to be cruel to yourself for no reason, if you can’t stand being alone without distracting yourself, my friend, you need to see Life from a different perspective. You must shift your focus to one that serves you, one that assists you in finding value in adversity — this gives you a greater sense of admiration for yourself. “We can bemoan the fact that rose bushes have thorns, or we can rejoice that thorns have roses.” Alphonse Karr’s

Look for solutions outside of yourself as well. According to Albert Einstein, the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe. If you think about it, really think about it, you will notice that you see the Universe in terms of how it affects you rather than how it is.

But what if you could combine these two to help you see things more clearly? What if you also looked at things objectively to get a more complete picture? Although it may appear insignificant, this simple practise broadens the surface area of your thoughts, allowing you to think more broadly and see further. You will gain a better understanding during this process, which will prepare you for whatever Adversity may come your way. “There is nothing to fear in life. It only needs to be understood.” — Madame Curie

Perspective is what keeps you going. – Listen, if you’ve lived long enough, you’ll know that life is unpredictable — both good and bad things happen when you least expect them. We are both powerless against Life’s nature, but we do have control over how Life affects us.

Although it is thrust into our hands, we shape and mould it into our reality. You can do it if you get out of your own head and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Remove everything you add to a situation in order to make it worse than it is. Look at what you can control and use it to help you find your way forward. Adversity may appear to be great, but it will make you stronger you will live life on your own terms. “Where there is a great willingness, the difficulties cannot be great.” — Machiavelli, Niccolo

Everyone has an opinion about life. – Consider this in terms of your own life. The perspective you hold influences how you carry yourself — how you speak, how you make decisions, how you make yourself feel, and, most importantly, how you make others feel.

Your attitude towards life is influenced by the perspective you choose. A negative perspective prevents you from fully experiencing life. A better one will tell you when to be cautious and when to go all in. Look, life will always throw you adversity, but you have the power to choose whether to view it as an obstacle or an opportunity. If you choose the latter, I am confident that you will always find growth and progress for yourself and others. “May you enjoy each and every day of your life.” Swift, Jonathan

Invest in Yourself, Dear Reader.

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  1. Rupa Rao says:

    Highly insightful Garima-
    For most part yes all see the Universe in terms of how it affects them rather than how it is; objectivity is replaced by subjectivity in life altering or smaller situational events; however self reflection, awareness, practice will help all!! Loved the post!! see the Universe in terms of how it affects you rather than how it is.

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    1. GS says:

      Loved this sentence “objectivity is replaced by subjectivity in life altering or smaller situational events”

      Practical answers can always be found in books, or any classes, or any professional consultations. But reassurance can be only found within oneself. It takes faith to take that leap into the unknown. It takes strong belief that — while the path would always be far from smooth — it would be just fine. Because the universe would always conspire to help you out.

      Thank you Rupa for such an insightful response.

      Liked by 1 person

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