Time is NOW


Now is the moment! Carpe diem, you know. YOLO. You are familiar with the proverbs “life is short.” They’re corny, let’s face it. They are corny because they are actual facts.

My buddy, the time is now to make the most of the days you have, no matter what season you are in. Specifically, make the most of that time and use it if you’re in a very quiet and sluggish season. Take a trip, explore the globe, and try something new. While watching Netflix while relaxing is always an option, travelling is not always feasible. It’s time to stop living vicariously through other people’s blogs, Instagram posts, or Snapchats and instead, purchase that plane ticket and embark on a journey. MAKE it there instead of hoping you were there. IT OCCURRED. Why waste time doing what you would normally do when you are occupied when you are only young once and only have so many quiet seasons in your life?

Bars are dated; move on. The moment has come, my buddy, to leave your comfort zone and take a risk. Make an effort to get out of your daily routine and feel active by doing something. You won’t ever repent taking a trip. My friend, the time has come to investigate. Learn how to live on your own by doing some solo exploration. Look up and not down at that stupid piece of technology that ruins our everyday lives to learn how to step away from it and make the most of this wonderful world we live in. No more Google, no more Pinterest, and no more hoping. You can achieve your goals if you really want them. You’re young and might be unmarried; if so, SALUTE THAT FREEDOM OF OPPORTUNITY. Stop hoping for a relationship, stopping your marriage plans, and stopping your “what if” scenarios. Stay present-focused. The time is now, so seize the day like it’s 1999! Let’s go.

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  1. sicetnon3 says:

    THIS and THAT are reconciled in dreams. Dreams are the technology of love not realized.
    So even unrealized love is creative. As Adelle sings: You still look like a movie
    You still sound like a song
    My God, this reminds me
    Of when we were young

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    1. GS says:

      Beautiful lines.


  2. Doug says:

    I had plenty of time to do it right but I did it wrong because I thought carpe diem meant “finger the day,” and now people are getting tunnels in their carpets from too much typing and sitting at their desk. I don’t know if when you have carpet tunnel syndrome you have to go to Persia to get a Persian rug or is that Constantinople; oops Istanbul and Iran have changed since I was an Emperor. I suppose I should see if they have Wi-Fi and a good doctor of philosophy.


  3. Rochdalestu says:

    If people stopped focusing on their causative past and then being absorbed into the prominent future they desire and realigned their focus on the present moment, you will become more conscious of your own life. The present is all that matters as it’s all that exists. You could say it is literally a present to be part of the moment that will never be repeated. If you aren’t aware of the present moment you are detached from what is going on, detached from reality in essence. You aren’t obliged to be the same person who you were 5 minutes ago. Things can change in an instant and so can you if you are aware of it

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    1. GS says:

      Agreed. The present is valued because in it we can affect change. To live in time and attune ourselves to its rhythm, we flow from past memories, to now, to the promised reality of a future. There is connection between events that were and events that will be someday.

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