Are You A Spiritual Person?


When it comes to intelligence, the heart is more important than the mind.

Do you frequently encounter folks who consider themselves to be smarter than others? Have you ever questioned your IQ in the presence of so many intelligent people? Are you attempting to establish your existence in this world? Everything is gradually getting more artificial in our transactional society. To hide your ignorance, fake confidence, act smart, and be cunning. The majority of people use deception to their advantage in order to succeed. But when contrasted to super-intelligent species, we seem like fools. Do you not trust me? View the beautiful surroundings. Have a peek at your gorgeous body. Everything is perfectly designed, from tiny living things to enormous galaxies. Yet we naively believe we are intelligent. One who is not caught up in the need to constantly prove themselves is one who is willing to face reality.Proof is not where intelligence lies. however in discovering the diverse life that is all around us. In our world of false, meaningless standards, only a select few people are spiritually wise.

  1. You Do Not Consider Yourself To Be A “Doer”

Let’s say you want to bake some pizza at home. You visited a store to purchase cheese, groceries, and other items.
You cooked and put it together. It turned out to be quite tasty. Everyone became insane. You were beaming from ear to ear the entire time. Now hold on Have you really succeeded? Of course,” many would reply. I was in the kitchen, standing. the material was prepared. Making the dough. I arranged everything before putting it in the oven. I used the ideal setting and cooked it for the precise amount of time. However, someone with spiritual intelligence would claim, “I put it together and did my part. It would only be 2% of the total. It turned out well on its own.

Well, how come your role was merely 2% when you baked the pizza, one could wonder. Because I didn’t grow the flour or vegetables, that individual might respond. The act was carried out by someone else. The components were fed by nature. They grew with the aid of sunlight, earth, and water. They were taken in by the farmer. Once more, I did not package and deliver the farm-produced goods to the market. Still, somebody did. Furthermore, I didn’t make you want to eat the pizza. What happened? Then the material’s assembly came to me. A person who is very spiritual is aware that events are occurring around them naturally. You lose your ego when you reach the non-doer state. Pure life can flow through you when you are completely open to it.

Things take place. Life goes on. However, the ego asserts, “Look, I did this. Please compliment me. I have a lot of intelligence, work ethic, beauty, and accomplishments. A spiritually wise person, however, understands that things occur on their own. You cannot control the course of events. You carry out your part and step back to let life take its course.

  1. You Welcome Life in All Phases and Have a Spontaneous Nature

All people encounter difficult circumstances in life. Only a select handful, however, are courageous enough to face them head-on without physically, emotionally, or psychologically escaping. There is no way to escape what or how you feel, according to someone with a high level of spiritual intelligence. It gets worse if you flee. Everyone must eventually confront their demons, they are aware of this. Complex situations don’t disgust you. Rather, you consider them a friend. Why? Because you may see your subtle egoic sensations when things are difficult. As you are aware, the ego can lurk behind intelligence. The lid of phoney wisdom is opened by these problems. Troubled circumstances strip you naked in front of yourself like a mirror. The ego is no longer able to conceal itself. Highly spiritually educated people typically encounter difficult times in life without evacuating. You therefore welcome any circumstance. You are as comfortable with them whether they offer sorrow or joy. Considering that they both help you to let rid of your ego and reach the ultimate truth of existence.

  1. You accept full responsibility and don’t place blame on anyone, but you still give the universe control over everything

Paradoxical it might appear. On the other hand, total surrender can only come from those who accept complete responsibility. Think about how diligently you prepared for the admission exam. However, you were aware deep down that you could have done better. The following time, you would retake the exam if the results weren’t favourable. But if you were certain that you gave it your all, you would give up on the outcomes. Regardless of the outcome, it does not turn into a conundrum. You would happily accept it. It works the same way in life and relationships. You don’t mourn when you are aware that you have given more than your all. The blame game is no longer relevant. Since there is nothing more you could do, you don’t give a f*ck. Spiritually wise people understand that life will unfold naturally. Friction results from resistance. On the other hand, the secret to a happy life is simple acceptance. You give your role your all and let the rest to happen naturally. You don’t worry about the outcome. You may now fully enjoy the game we call life.

  1. Take Control of Your Life

You laugh when you hear this superficial yet widely advertised statement. The ego tries to take charge, and someone with strong spiritual intelligence is aware of this. It seeks validation. However, there is no ego left to take over when you become anchored in your soul. The ego’s attempts at a power play are easily seen through.
demonstrating oneself. monopolising the conversation. Whether it’s about position, attractiveness, or money, we’re all unwittingly participating in the rat race. Power is what the ego is all about. However, a wise soul can see the hamster wheel that is not visible. Even a subliminal need to impress others can be felt.

You can’t ignore the ego’s tricks once you have it under control. You witness the ego’s drama, and the ego crashes. Every attempt to manage life is defeated by this. Control is lost the moment the controller, the ego, is gone. Surface-level statements regarding control are common among motivating speakers. Neither a controller nor a control exist in reality. You will bleed if you try to control things. Emotions, circumstances, lovers, kids, and life itself are all out of your control. These ridiculous claims make you giggle. Why? You have experienced and witnessed every power play, after all. To recognise that there is no controller, you had to learn it in difficult ways.

  1. You Live In Deep Joy and Remain Unaffected by External Events

The urge to prove myself vanished once I fully embraced who I was. It barely matters to me today if a similar circumstance occurs. Instead of being angry, I feel sympathy. Situations that don’t go in their favour rarely have an impact on a spiritually knowledgeable person. Can you figure out why? Because of non attachment. Perhaps you’re hurt and in pain. But that doesn’t lead to pain. When someone is emotionally attached to something or a circumstance, suffering occurs. We experience unhappiness when we expect things to go our way. When you fight the changes that life delivers, you experience distress. However, a spiritually wise person has a profound respect for life.

Something offensive was spoken, your job did not turn out as planned, an incident on your holidays, a torturous medical process. You give no resistance. You are religious in every way. Stress could occur. You don’t experience pain though, unlike others. You quickly regain mental equilibrium. You appear to be losing control over the circumstances. Others may think you are extremely strong and have a strong mindset. But the truth is that you are incredibly flexible and strong. It allows you to flow with life. Accepting every moment of life is the key to living a happy existence. You have lost all resistance and resembled a liquid, much like life.

Even someone with a high level of spiritual intelligence cannot control the universe or make life go their way. They value life instead, viewing it as holy. They stand out in this world because of their deep acceptance and devotion to life. “The wise individual will first turn inward. You’ll enter your own being first before venturing someplace else. It makes sense to give that first preference since it is the first thing. You can only travel somewhere else after knowing yourself. You will then take a sense of joy, calm, and celebration with you everywhere you go. — Osho

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