A Version of You

Don’t accept a life that is constrained by your own restrictions.

Recently, I was asked what one thing I wanted to alter about myself. What! There are many things I need and wish to alter. I firmly believe that advancements lead to a happier existence. Real, long-lasting change, however, necessitates conscious, directed effort. If I don’t have confidence in my ability, no amount of wanting will get me to do anything. The fundamental issue isn’t to concentrate on the outcomes of change. To improve my quality of life, I must be willing to accept the pain and discomfort. Given that discomfort is a necessary component of progress, why would anyone work towards it? Why do we pick discomfort, annoyance, and anxiety over relief and security.

If we’re being completely honest, there are certain regions that are begging for improvement. Because we avoid suffering, fear prevents us from moving forward. Instead, we would prefer to label ourselves like products in a store. I solidify the belief that I have an excuse for not being able to fulfil my potential or become the person I desire. I was averse to challenging the stereotypes that limited my potential and me. What does it imply if I claim that I’m not a morning person and that I can’t or won’t wake up early to finish my workout before the day starts? Or perhaps that since I’m an empath, everything that goes wrong in my immediate environment must be the result of my fault?

Could I be described as being lazy? Does this support my decision to stop trying because I know I will never be as good as the next person? I’m denying myself the opportunity for change and the chance to go in a different route by doing this.

There will come a time when we are uncomfortable with our previous selves as we start our road of change. Someone unfamiliar to us may emerge from ourselves. When we outgrow people, places, or the life we had imagined for ourselves, that is when it gets more challenging. That, however, is a step in the process. On the path, we grow to understand who we can become. We encounter various selves throughout our lives. Until we decide otherwise, there is no fixed version. There is always a higher level, whether it be in a relationship, profession, or one’s emotional or physical health. Even if someone is in their final few months of life, they can still choose to make them the best possible. Every minute is a decision-making moment.

We should always be ourselves, I’ve heard others say. But what does that actually mean? We are not the same people now that we might be tomorrow. Being myself today invites me to behave foolishly and irrationally. That is, until I realise that I can acquire wisdom and good judgement later on. Until we merge into one, we won’t know who we are capable of becoming. That person doesn’t exist yet. As a result, I believe we cannot be ourselves. We are a work in progress, thus we can only be who we are today. If we determine that this is who we are, period, we have stopped growing. We have made the decision not to change, but that doesn’t mean we can’t. We are settling for a life of self-imposed restrictions.

I’m prepared to go through the flames even though I know I will feel the heat because it matters. I need to have faith in the person I can develop into. Everybody has the capacity to develop into a better version of themselves, even me. A variant that I haven’t yet found. someone who still has a great deal to experience, learn, and discover. To upgrade the belief that supports the mental map in my head, I must be willing to adopt a learner mindset. By letting go of outdated ideas and learning new ones, I can embrace discomfort. In some situations, I struggle with the fear of losing control, while in others, I grow more confident. Even though I’ve been travelling along the same road for a while, the outcome of my journey is still up in the air. Anytime I want, I can choose to take a different route.

Now is the time to realise that you might be demanding too little of yourself. Chasing greater aspirations isn’t the only reason to ask for more. Prioritizing is about deciding what matters to you, what is significant and worth fighting for. What makes you eager to get out of bed in the morning? Are you working to improve your mental state? Your response would be highly distinctive from everyone else’s. One size never fits all is typically not the case. In a few years, your ideal existence could no longer be appropriate. Allow yourself to develop and give yourself room to grow, no matter what it looks like. You are constantly in the midst of metamorphosis, therefore dare to take the plunge and make that change.

Life has a rhythm of two steps ahead and one step back. We must let it happen, just as we must allow our breathing to rise and fall. Take into account the difficulties you currently face. Do you struggle with a specific person or circumstance? Could it be that it’s just a means for something lovely to grow inside of you? An occasion that will show you the new version of yourself. You must have confidence in your ability to do something, even though you may not yet know what it is. Assume accountability for your life. Recall that there is only the journey; there is no destination.

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