Elon Musk’s Favourite Interview Questions

Elon Musk: “I Only Ask One Question to Identify a Genius.” To work with Elon Musk, you must be able to respond to this question accurately.

Photo from the Wall Street Journal

To some, Musk’s interview questions may seem simple and uncomplicated, but to others, they may resemble a maze in a cornfield. Musk won’t send a search team after you if you get lost in the maze, so don’t worry about that. He is more intrigued by how you approach the issue and whether you can find your way around it like a true cornfield explorer. Just don’t forget to pack your sense of humour and compass!

Tesla and SpaceX’s early years

Musk examined each and every applicant who applied to his firms in the early years of Tesla and SpaceX. No one was denied an interview, regardless of the position they were applying for. Instead of focusing on whether a candidate had the right answer, Musk was more interested in how they came to their decision and the critical thinking that led them to that conclusion.

What are the genius interview questions asked by Elon Musk?

The interview questions from Musk are anything but standard. He asked candidates to answer a challenging brainteaser question, for instance. You are standing on the earth’s surface, according to the question. You travel a mile each in the south, west, and north. You return to your starting point. Where have you been? Most of the applicants who are engineers usually figure out the issue and guess the right solution. Musk was more worried about the critical thinking that would lead to the ultimate conclusion than he was with a bad response, though.

When hiring for the Gigafactory Berlin, Musk also asked a brilliant question on Twitter: “When sending your resume, please describe a few of the hardest problems you’ve solved and exactly how you solved them.” Musk used the question to sort through a wide range of applicants. It included questions about the applicant’s critical thinking, autonomy, and problem-solving abilities. He was seeking solutions that were really particular and well-explained, not anything they could copy from somewhere else. The best part was that each candidate would provide more than one response, enabling him to fully evaluate how they processed information.

What qualities is Elon Musk looking for in candidates?

Musk encourages independence in potential employees, particularly when it comes to their capacity for problem-solving. He seemed to like getting the reason fully stated so he can understand it like the applicant. He seeks out scientific philosophers who, while they may not always be correct, can break down and address a conundrum or a brainteaser by carefully deconstructing each element one by one. Musk seeks talent for his company SpaceX in the fields of technology, science, engineering, space, and rockets. If you’re interested in working as an intern at SpaceX, be prepared to respond to standard interview questions like “Tell me about yourself and your strengths.” Why would you like to work here? likewise, “What was your biggest engineering challenge, and how did you get through it?”

What Is the Main Question’s Resolution?

Let’s return to the primary interview question now. On the earth’s surface, you are currently standing. You travel a mile each in the south, west, and north. You return to your starting point. How are you doing? The north pole is the solution. We therefore hope that this essay will be helpful to you if it transpires that Elon Musk may interview you at some point.


One of the numerous factors contributing to Elon Musk’s success is his hiring strategy. He seeks out those who can think independently, critically, and creatively. He is more interested in the candidate’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities than whether the candidate has the right response. When applying to work for Musk, be prepared to demonstrate your aptitude for problem-solving, critical thinking, independence, and knowledge of technology, science, engineering, spaceflight, and rockets. The chance to collaborate with one of the most successful technological entrepreneurs of the twenty-first century and work on cutting-edge innovations before the rest of the world even sees or uses them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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