When Life Stands Still

Prepare yourself for the BIG big leap when life doesn’t seem to be moving. What happens in the time between departure and arrival is the learning.

We go down this path of Life like a river does as it flows through a stream. What lies in store for us is not always clear. Sometimes the trip is smooth, but just when we start to feel secure and content, we run into projecting rocks that interrupt our momentum. We violently jerk. As soon as we move past that, calm returns. No matter how much we relish a little period of quiet or loathe the jerkings we must suffer, nothing endures. We carry on moving forward until we are carried to the next location, never knowing what is waiting there.

Even though we tend to be eager to arrive at our destination, there is little value in the actual arrival. It’s who we develop into along the way. The choices we make in the face of challenges or when the situation doesn’t match our expectations are what matter. When the tides, seasons, and choppy waves cross our paths, it’s what we decide to do. We are being led towards the lovely but terrifying process of being by these abrupt changes and alterations. No matter where the path leads us, even if we have to keep turning around, we keep going.

What happens when the road ends? What if all you see is a vast, deep blue? Fear creates a false chasm between what is and what might be, causing scenarios to swirl around in your head. You are certain that the “future” is in sight, but how do you go past the ground you’re standing on? Life as we know it can occasionally come to an abrupt end. We’re surrounded by confusion like an invisible cloud. In these circumstances, you have to recognise the challenge for what it is a stoppage. Regardless matter how you are feeling, acknowledge that you are a traveller and that this is your route. You must develop and become a different person for the next stage of your life.

Life happens in phases. Every obstacle serves as a launching pad for greater heights. Your journey will need a next level you in order to advance. We are constantly in the region between beginnings and ends. We find ourselves in a different starting place as soon as we cross the finish line. The passage of time drags on. Therefore, even when we are not, we are moving forward. Feeling constrained is a signal to grow and advance. What we perceive as a dead end may actually be a door to a higher level if we can shift our perception. We must muster the guts to leap when the ground beneath us vanishes. We must be willing to leave footprints in the water before we can fly. There is always a way, even in the most difficult situations, which may not be immediately apparent. We come across wide stretches of nothingness every now and then. We reach a point where progress is impossible. There is no other option except to wait when life pauses in the middle of anything.

Be patient with all of the unsolved questions while you embrace the beauty in this area between disorder and order. Live without the urge to interact with the outside world constantly, through every unresolved conflict. We are not ready for answers right now, so stop looking for them. The whispers of our spirit will flutter in the current of rippling moments as we sit in silence. Allow time to lead us on a ride through the puddled hollows while we feel at ease lingering there.

Even when we’re unsure of its direction, let life flow naturally without pushing or pulling. Without stressing for understanding, hold that space between endings and beginnings. Watch the minute changes that occur during the lull in movement while the process of growth and becoming continues. Life has a way of making sure we stop, reset, and take some time to contemplate if we’re not conscious of doing so. That will leave us with a sour taste in our mouths.

Live accordingly. Live with the uncertainties, doubts, and questions. Live through the suffocating dusks, the icy night, and the creeping nothingness that coils around your being like a rigid wire. Live it all. You will come to the realisation that you possess the necessary skills to advance to the next level sometime along the way. This is life in all its beauty, whirling and developing with a deep meaning.

The time between departure and arrival is just as important as any accomplishments. the constant pacing, warring, waiting, and mystery-solving. Until one day, in some ways, a gateway appears among the roots, and you enter the portal into a brand-new, thrilling yet terrifying experience. You will re-discover who you are in the unknown. Be mindful that this is your route. Nobody else can perform it as well as you can. So fasten your seatbelt and take it easy.

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  1. life matters says:

    Inspiring read. Thank you.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for taking time to read my post and leave a thoughtful message.

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