Daily Dose of Affirmation


I create as I speak.

Each day you can journey from your Alpha (it begins with you) to your Omega, which in the teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is the point within each of us where our inner spiritual nature meets our outer worldly nature. 

It is with this thought I bring to you daily dose of affirmations for your mind and soul. An affirmation a day, keeps the therapist away!!! Here are your affirmations for today :

  • I am ready to step into this new week with an open and grateful heart.
  • I release what no longer serves me to make space for new beginnings.
  • I am able to let go of anything that doesn’t serve my mind, body, or spirit.
  • I honor my heart. I honor my energy. I honor who I am.
  • I choose faith over fear and peace over perfection.
  • I am at peace with my past. I am in love with my present.
  • I hold the key to my own happiness.
  • I stand in the joy that I create from within.

Have a great day ahead.

Hello Everyone, finally published my new book “Focus”. In this book, I took a poetic licence in considering the spiritual aspect of focus, which has rarely been done. Other books focus on the practical aspect and tell you to do this and that, but in my book, I discuss how we can find focus within ourselves without relying on an action-oriented approach. Any purchases or KDP reads will be greatly appreciated. If you like my books, do leave a review. Here’s my author page on Amazon – https://amzn.eu/d/aKbYysx


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  1. Being able to remove the clutter from one’s mind is a challenge. Exercise is a worthwhile way to refresh both the body and mind.

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    1. GS says:

      Sometimes, the best thing we can do to clear our heads is to get up and get moving. Physical exertion is a wonderful way to clear and calm the mind. It allows our brains to engage in different ways. You don’t have to hit the gym to reap the benefits of movement. Going for a walk can do wonders to clear the mind. Try to focus on your surroundings and what you’re seeing. Breath deep and let your worries go. The nice thing about walking is that you can change it up day to day. Go for a brisk walk, or take your time ambling. Head out on your lunch break and just enjoy meandering around. Set a timer on your phone so you don’t lose track of time.

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      1. Garima, thank you for sharing back. When I miss my daily exercise time, my body and mind encourage me to follow through the next time.

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      2. GS says:

        Yes!! I wish you good luck.

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