Manifesting Intentions


How to Make Your Intentions Known and Attract the Things You Want

Although desires can be strong forces in our lives, many of us find it difficult to know how to harness them for our benefit. We frequently feel as though our wishes are impossible or that we don’t know how to make them come true. The power of desires, how to control them, and how to attract what you want in life are all topics I’d like to cover in this post.

What Are Desires?

Desires are the things we aspire to and want for in life. They may be small or enormous, useful or useless. They might include things like needing a new automobile or falling in love. Desires can be a strong source of inspiration and guidance because they reflect our beliefs, goals, and dreams. We can direct our energy and efforts towards bringing about our true desires once we are aware of them. Many people, however, find it difficult to recognise and express their wants. Realising what we want and why is the first step in understanding the power of desires. This can be a challenging process that calls for an honest evaluation of our selves and our life. We must first become aware of and accept our deepest desires and needs in order to do this. We must also be prepared to explore our motivations and our core values.

Recognise The Influence Of Desires

We can recognise the influence our desires have over us once we’ve identified them. Our ideas, decisions, and deeds can be influenced by our desires. They may also have a significant effect on our feelings and general health. We can use our wants to bring about great changes in our lives by comprehending and harnessing their power. For instance, we need to work hard if we want to get the job of our dreams. This can entail enrolling in classes, engaging in networking, and submitting a resume. To achieve our goal, we must be tenacious and prepared to take whatever necessary measures. We can harness our desires to design a life that is meaningful and fulfilling by comprehending and realising the power of them.

Similar to this, knowing what we want in life is the first step towards fulfilling our desires. Finding our core values, hopes, and dreams within ourselves needs a process that might be challenging. It also calls on us to be open and honest about our needs and wants and to know the difference between them. Once we have recognised our desires, we may use them as a force for good. We must direct our attention and work towards realising our goals in order to do this. This could entail establishing objectives, taking action, and changing our way of life and routines. It also calls for putting in the effort and perseverance in the face of challenges.

Understand the Difference Between Wanting and Needing

It’s crucial to distinguish between needing and wanting when pursuing our desires. Our needs are driven by rational and practical needs, whereas our wants are frequently motivated by our emotions. For instance, we must be able to explain why we require a new car and how it would improve our lives. We must consider our reasons for desiring something in order to decide whether it is a need or a want. Is this something that will genuinely bring us happiness and fulfilment or is it just a transient, emotionally-driven desire? To use the power of our desires, we must be open and realistic about our needs and wants.

Defeat Resistance To Make Your Dreams Come True

Although it may seem simple, acting on our wishes is necessary if we are to be able to control them. Fear and resistance can often hold us back. We can be concerned about failing or falling short of our objectives. We must face our fears and step outside of our comfort zone in order to overcome this resistance. To push ourselves and achieve our goals, we must take risks. Additionally, we must be prepared to accept failure as a necessary step in the process and to make amends for our errors. We may materialise our wishes and make them a reality when we can get past our resistance and act. Do you like these concepts as of now? Are you prepared to evaluate the reasons behind your aspirations and whether or not they will make you happy? You will obtain clarity on what you need to be happy versus what you want to be happy after doing this exercise, I can tell you.

The key to learning how to attract what we want is to apply life lessons in addition to comprehending and harnessing the force of our wants. We can acquire important life lessons from our experiences and the people in our lives. They can aid in our understanding of who we are, our drives, and our aspirations. We can better grasp how to make our aspirations a reality by applying life lessons to them. We can also learn to identify our advantages and disadvantages and make use of them. Learning from experience can help us achieve our goals and build the life we really want.

Make an action plan to help you achieve your goals.

We may develop a strategy to bring our desires into reality once we have identified them. This can support us in maintaining our sense of purpose and motivation. It can also help us keep on track by dividing our goals into manageable chunks. We must establish attainable goals and devise a schedule for accomplishing them in order to construct an action plan. In addition, we need to be adaptable and persistent in the face of potential challenges. We can achieve our goals and turn our aspirations into reality when we have a plan of action in place.

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  1. The difference between wanting and needing – this struck a chord with me today! I’ve been struggling with knowing the direction to take with my career and realised although I want certain things, I don’t actually need them to be content 👍

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    1. GS says:

      Yes you do you.

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  2. Noe P. says:

    Wow, what a comprehensive and insightful post on the power of desires! It’s true that desires can be both motivating and overwhelming at the same time. But by understanding and harnessing their power, we can achieve great things and create a fulfilling life. I especially appreciate the emphasis on distinguishing between wanting and needing, as well as overcoming resistance and making a concrete action plan. It’s not just about dreaming, but also taking action towards our goals. Thank you for sharing these valuable tips on how to attract what we want in life

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      I agree. Decide. Think of something you want to do or work towards. It doesn’t matter what, as long as it’s something you want to do – ideally something you’re interested in or feel excited by. It should be something you want to do for its own sake not for something or someone else. It can be a big thing or a small thing – sometimes it is easier to get going with something small. And it often helps if it’s something that’s just a little bit beyond what you currently can do – goals that stretch us can be motivating!


      1. Noe P. says:

        I completely agree with you. Setting a goal for oneself is a powerful tool for personal growth and development. When we have a clear idea of what we want to achieve, we can then plan and take the necessary steps towards that goal. As you mentioned, it’s important to choose a goal that we are genuinely interested in and passionate about, as this can provide us with the motivation and drive to keep going, even when things get tough. It’s also important to choose a goal that is challenging but achievable, as this can help us grow and develop new skills and abilities. With perseverance and dedication, we can accomplish great things and experience a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in the process.

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      2. GS says:

        Glad you agree. You are on point.


  3. Aa PP says:

    Welcome everyone to read novels together

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