Memories Bring Back You – A Poem

Poem about long lost time.

Please blame me for everything
and spare me for nothing.
I left something special behind.
My memory is prone of failing mine.

It was meant to last and be treasured.
Until I am entirely forgotten and gone,
My soul is still wandering and unfinished.
Removed and cleaned blot on old cloths

I pay all dues and respects.
He may still have the final word,
he may have hopes in the sun rays,
but I still hesitate and remember in many ways.

Hope you liked the poem.

Hey, Our brains are extremely sensitive to rhyme and rhythm in poetry. They can provide comfort and lift one’s spirits during times of stress, trauma, or grief. Its potent combination of words, metaphor, and metre allows us to express ourselves more effectively and make sense of the world and our place in it. With this in mind, I present a collection of coming-of-age poems that may inspire you to overcome life’s challenges and uncertainties. If you like my poems, do leave a review on Amazon. Here’s a link to the book –


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  1. sicetnon3 says:

    The first word (alpha) is the last word (omega) and it includes Everything else. Maybe.

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      1. sicetnon3 says:

        Yes! Something like that…😂

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