Material World


A Spiritual Perspective on the Material World

From a material standpoint, the spiritual world will appear to be exceedingly creative and impracticable. Our physical senses are unable to fully comprehend the depths of the spiritual realm. On the other hand, if we see the material world from the perspective of the spiritual realm, it will appear as a solid substance made up of four fundamental, elementary states, such as gas, matter, liquid, and plasma. Everything in the physical universe seems to be comprised of vapours from the spiritual realms, a kind of flimsy mist that could vanish at any time.

What is the reason we spend our entire lives amassing material possessions and money, which are temporary substances and will soon vanish, when everything appears to be so impractical and ridiculous from the spiritual world and also when we were actually born to live in the spiritual world? We cling to and identify with earthly things in order to maintain our ability and place, and this sphere has a close connection to the meaningless material world. As opposed to the spiritual world, where spiritual law predominates and people are transformed by discovering the source and the path of the inner world of God, truth, and wisdom, the physical world in which we currently live places a greater emphasis on the inward acquisition of material goods.

Because it takes time to transition from external manifestation to internal reception, our progress towards internal transformation is incomplete. Our strong attraction to the material world and our limited understanding of the spiritual world are the main causes of this transformation’s slow progress. Even though most people are aware of these facts, our attachment to the subconscious mind and our habitual worldly practises prevent us from achieving the purest form of spirituality. While we are here on earth, we continue to accumulate empty and pointless physical strength and possessions like zombies rather than recharging our spiritual vitality. In doing so, we are wasting the life-stream of all of the energy that should be going towards achieving the spiritual path, which is our ultimate goal.

When free will and personal volition are required from a relaxed and peaceful position, without any strenuous efforts made in the material world, the spiritual path requires minimal effort but complete determination. The spiritual route is clear-cut and easy to follow; it leads us to the spiritual world, where wisdom and truth are our true home and our final destination. To follow that route, we don’t have to worry or struggle. To leave the material world, one only needs to be determined and have a strong desire.

God has given us this life in the human form as a gift so that we can ponder, discern our true nature, and find our way towards spiritual awakening so that we can ascend to the highest realm and accomplish our ultimate objective. Here, we can learn everything there is to know and understand about this life. Without his assistance, life would be meaningless and without purpose. In addition to mental awareness and knowledge, it takes mental development to develop spiritual commitment and receptivity. While residing in the material world, one cannot fully comprehend all the mysteries of the spiritual realm. Our limited capacity, strength, and faculties allow us to see a small portion of the future.

With these constraints in mind, we should work to fully understand the mysteries of the spiritual world, cognizant that our vocabulary and descriptions are inadequate to paint a true picture of true realities and will only serve as a shadow of the actual reality to demonstrate how the spiritual world appears. We can only be released from the bodily pain, suffering, and tormented condition by using our resolve and willpower to follow a focused spiritual path and avoid taking the material road.

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  1. Jony says:

    Love your post! 😄👍

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you!!!

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  2. There is some depth here. We often focus on material because of its ready availability outside, which can be a far less frightening place to explore than the inner workings of Self. That is a scary place for most to truly explore with any form of longevity. However, what I have noticed in my psychotherapy practice is that much of the individual malaise stems from a collective lack of spiritual premise. Thank you for sharing as this was very insightful.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing a real perspective from your practice. Reminds me of a old Japanese proverb :

      ‘’You have three faces.
      The first face you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends and your family. The third face, you never show anyone — it is the truest reflection of who you are.’’

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      1. Thank you for that. I will definitely look at that and use it in the future.

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      2. GS says:

        Most welcome

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