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The Definition of Based in Internet Slang

Hello online companions! Most likely, while searching the internet, you came across the phrase “based,” which led you here. However, you’re in the right spot! Hold on, Buttercup. We’re going to go deeply into the realm of “based” and examine the term’s history, definitions, and usage.

Where It Was Based

The rapper Lil B, better known by his stage name “The BasedGod,” introduced the phrase “based” in his songs and on social media in the early 2010s. According to Lil B, having a “based” attitude fosters independence, self-assurance, and authenticity. The phrase immediately became well-known and was adopted by online users, who started using it to characterise a variety of attitudes, behaviours, and people. Based’s meaning has expanded beyond its initial implications through time, like those of many other slang phrases. Although the fundamental concepts of self-assurance and individuality are still present, the term has acquired new connotations in various online communities. It is frequently used to refer to political ideals, viewpoints, or behaviours that depart from accepted norms.

The Different Interpretations & Nuances of Based

The definition of “based” is complex. “Based” was originally intended to celebrate those who are sincere, self-assured, and unashamedly true to themselves. So if you have a friend who values their individuality and refuses to let others control their life, they are totally grounded! Based is occasionally used to describe someone with a very optimistic view on life. That person who always sees the positive side of things or exhorts others to be their best selves. That individual would be based, once more. Based has a more particular connotation in some contexts, referring to persons or viewpoints that deviate from accepted thinking. This usage of the word “based” frequently prompts insightful conversations and promotes open-mindedness in the face of criticism. The phrase was introduced to this author with a counter-culture sense.

Using Internet-based & Sarcasm

Naturally, basing is also a sarcastic expression. For instance, if someone makes an offensive or racist remark, others may jest about it. Generally speaking, it is evident that this person is completely unreliable (thus the sarcasm). Be very careful about letting folks know when you’re being sarcastic if you use based (or literally anything) in this manner. Online, humour is frequently lost. You could perhaps clarify that you were being ironic in the paragraph that follows.

Recognising the Situation

It is essential to comprehend the context in which the phrase “based” is employed in order to determine its proper meaning. If you hear it being used, pay attention to the setting, subject, and media outlet where it is being used. This can make it easier to understand the intended meaning. Remember that depending on these variables, the meaning might change significantly, so take care to avoid assuming the wrong thing.

How to Establish a Base

You undoubtedly want to be based now that you understand what it entails. You can also have a base. You only need:

  1. Possess self-confidence. A based person has faith in their skills and judgement. Even in the face of doubt or resistance, they have faith in themselves and their intuition. Please let us know if you know where we can find this self-confidence material.
  2. Being authentic is staying true to who you are and what you believe. A person who is based doesn’t necessarily have to follow social standards or expectations in order to blend in. Be authentic and celebrate your individuality.
  3. Be Independent: Develop your sense of self-reliance and stop always seeking the affirmation or acceptance of others. Be prepared to stick by your decisions and give them some thought before you make them.
  4. Have an open mind and be receptive to many viewpoints. Actively participate in conversation and be prepared to reassess your assumptions in the face of fresh data or insights. Avoiding being rude to those who are different is a part of this.
  5. Maintain an optimistic view on life and a good attitude. Consider the positive aspects of life and inspire others to be their best selves.

Start by developing self-confidence, accepting your authenticity, and being more independent as you begin your road to becoming rooted. You’ll soon embrace the “based” attitude if you consistently practise positivism and open-mindedness.

Living a based life is the conclusion.

There you have it, everyone! The word “based” is simply one element of our constantly changing online slang universe. “Based” is more than just a term; it’s a way of embracing self-assurance, individualism, and open-mindedness. Its humble beginnings with Lil B led to its various meanings and influences on online culture. Don’t be scared to utilise “based” in your interactions while you travel the uncharted territory of the internet. It’s a flexible word that enriches and deepens our digital dialogue. You’ll be grounded in no time if you only keep context in mind.

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  1. Noe P. says:

    I appreciate the tips on how to cultivate a “based” attitude, including self-confidence, authenticity, independence, open-mindedness, and optimism. It’s always good to strive towards being the best version of ourselves and embracing our individuality. Keep spreading positivity and enriching our digital dialogue!

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you Noe. I love your messages on my post. Stay blessed


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