Things We Need To Stop Apologising For


Don’t feel guilty about what you want.

Don’t Let Poor People Make You Feel Guilty About Wanting Things. These phoney humble types who say stuff like “eat the rich” are complete losers, end of story. Don’t allow others make you feel guilty for leading the lifestyle you choose. You know those losers would do it if they felt they could, but because they can’t, they simply hate. In your pursuit of these aspects of the ideal life, don’t apologise.

Aiming high financially is a genuine and practical endeavour to take very seriously, not some lofty ideal. Most individuals don’t have comfortable lifestyles because of inflation and money printing, which makes money worth less than it once did. In essence, nobody has sufficient funds to retire. We are all drowning in debt. The ultra-rich are receiving wealth transfers from the middle class and the destitute. I concur with the criticisms; nonetheless, my conclusions are different. Focus on becoming wealthy while everyone else concentrates on “eating the rich”. You won’t be able to overthrow the oligarchy, but you may create a life that is more than pleasant for yourself.

It’s OK to desire a sexually alluring, intelligent, and accomplished partner. Looks do matter, indeed. When it comes to dating and marriage, you should be picky. Most people choose partners based on their close proximity. Either you connect with a coworker, locate someone through similar acquaintances, or use some other chance encounter to meet someone nearby. Rarely do people actively seek out the kind of person who meets their strict and uncompromising requirements for dating. Setting criteria for the kind of people you wish to date is frowned upon. It’s peculiar. There is a plenty of information available about the skills required to gain job. When it comes to one of the most significant decisions in life who to be with prudence is not stressed to the same extent as it is when it comes to matters of careers, finances, and health. Why is it bad to have your own specific expectations for a partner? Nothing. The painful truth that you might need to spend some time alone before finding the right spouse is also revealed by having high requirements for a mate. You might have to, gasp, figure out how to live a whole life without being a co-dependent disaster. The second biggest influence on your life, after what you do for a career, is who you choose to hang out with. Choose carefully.

There’s no need to spend your entire life checking things off your bucket list. There are numerous easy pleasures to take delight in, and many of your finest experiences have been those basic pleasures. However, if you’re being completely honest with yourself, there are some experiences you’ve been putting off but that you really want to have. I see so much suppressed and locked-up energy when I watch people. People are really subdued. Have you ever been around someone who appears to have not used their voice in a long time? I find it so weird. Gotta give that some room to stress out. Sometimes you have to do some wild stuff. Yet again, not always. Riding the hedonic treadmill is ineffective as well. You can either go out into the world and make things happen, or you may choose not to. You don’t need to take any action. I’m merely broadcasting the bat signal to those who are open to receiving it.

Everyone has their own business. The company that employees work for is their sole client. The talents needed to launch a small business with six or seven figures are often available to people. However, starting a business is difficult. Why? Rejection, delayed reward, and the loneliness you experience when you no longer relate to as many people are all psychologically uncomfortable. It’s dangerous. Everything is dangerous. It became perilous the moment you were born, as Jim Rohn put it. Do you have experience with email and social media? Is it possible to gain talents that you can sell using free websites like YouTube? extremely little danger. The great equaliser is the internet. Use it.

It’s possible that I’m projecting my goals onto you. You make the choice. The folks who tell you “it’s not worth it” are also projecting onto you, so keep that in mind. To determine what is best for you, you must weed out the BS coming from both me and the opposing side of the aisle. Here’s what I think. But I’m quite sure you’re after the overarching objective that all the others serve as a subset of. You aspire to be the universe’s ruler. You desire to have control over reality by your own will. Because they are unable to change their reality, people exhibit all of these indignation and envy impulses. They get violent because they feel powerless. All done. People who are self-actualized don’t develop into rage-mongers. Understandable to me. You are obviously the victim of a biassed game. There are also cheat codes, though. One of those cheat codes is self-improvement. Online business is also. The same goes for navigating your way around the entire system. You will be an exception to the rule if you succeed in making yourself the master of your world. Whatever it is, it is. A society was not founded by me. Neither do I believe I can significantly alter it. I simply try to take the best possible care of myself while urging you to do the same.

The world is filled with so much noise. Don’t let the noise to distract you from your task.

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