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Create an endless supply of confidence and put out your best effort.

Where does confidence end and arrogance begin? Society has a confidence issue. If you show too little, people will perceive you as unsteady, indecisive, and insecure. A cocky braggart is someone who boasts excessively. I’m here to tell you it’s irrelevant. Because your feelings are what count. regarding you. You’re already in trouble if you assess yourself based on how you believe others see you and view yourself through their eyes.

That’s how I felt. I was a brazen youngster who lacked any sense of fear. Loud. Verbose. Gregarious. However, I’m also a sensitive person, so it upset me when others labelled me haughty. I had to look deep within. My edges began to get sanded down. In an attempt to be more popular, I nerfed who I was. I didn’t comprehend two crucial truths for over ten years:

  1. Individuals who are self-conscious attempt to minimise others. They put on them what they are afraid of. And if you exude confidence, they will either be inspired by you or envious
  2. I was never arrogant, and I never will be. I don’t believe I am the best or the best at everything, so why should you? Simply said, I don’t fear failing at anything, and this gives me confidence.

I promise to make an effort. And I like to learn. Not another life-hack article, this one. This is a summary of the hard-learned lessons I’ve learned throughout the years on overcoming, controlling, and dealing with confidence.

How can I get confidence? – How do I maintain my confidence in this situation? Don’t keep telling yourself that you are a failure; instead, start by winning the first fight. This is harmful if your inner critic constantly criticises you. It’s toxic—in hell. There are positive things to concentrate on even when it comes to your true weaknesses. You could occasionally tell yourself, “You’re just a bad X,” or something like. That notion will repeat itself if you don’t notice it and challenge it. Aware of it. It will be ingested by your subconscious. Make it a point to challenge the notion in the mirror whenever you hear it by doing so. In order to feel more confidence, take that initial step. Here are a few more that have worked really well for me.

Practise makes perfect, I know, booo. I only expressed what was clear. Please hear me out before you click away. Consider that you have a significant speech tomorrow. The majority of individuals would prioritise attempting to memorising the script. Additionally, if you are worried, you will probably go through a number of worst-case scenarios in your thoughts and begin to hate it. But what if there were an alternative? The influential Performance Psychology Programme at West Point is directed by Dr. Nate Zinsser, who advises his clients to try visualising as “a confidence-building skill based on a simple but striking biological fact that your imagination stimulates actual physical changes in your body at many levels, from entire systems… to specific organs and muscles, and very importantly, to neural pathways in the brain.”

Practise in front of a mirror while imagining that it is being warmly received. Imagination: People adore it. I’m a confident speaker, and people want to hear what I have to say, are things you may tell yourself. Will not. Am. as in, it has already occurred. That person is already you. Yes, it could seem a little bit irrational. However, how is “I’m a terrible speaker” any better? Consider what would happen if you constantly told yourself you were bad at something you are actually brilliant at. What sort of outcomes do you expect to achieve? Before doing the dishes, no one has performance anxiety. Unless you’re that nasty flatmate, you’ve already done it a million times, so you know you can do it. It’s now a routine procedure. There is less anxiety the more at ease you feel performing anything. However, the narrative you tell yourself is as significant.

Self-Care Can Help You Develop Self-Confidence This isn’t yet another manifesto for bubble bath BS or a plea to spend 40 minutes each morning saying positive affirmations. But everyone has activities that help them shift from stressed-out states to more productive ones. You’ll feel more assured if you picture yourself as someone you can be proud of. Therefore, it’s hardly the basis for an ambitious self-image if you spend your leisure time sitting on the couch stuffing your face with empty carbohydrates and stuffing your socks. Stop making your life so convenient if you’re really interested in boosting your confidence. You seek some discomfort. You require it. Pain is unavoidable. issues as well. Consequently, don’t try to create a life for yourself that is free of any risk, hardship, and danger. Create a mindset that can flourish despite those circumstances rather than just surviving them. By maintaining a moderate amount of suffering in your life, you may do this.

Instead of drains, surround yourself with batteries. The famous quote by Jim Rohn reads, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” And he is correct. It will wear on you if you spend much of your time with negative folks who are always complaining about how horrible things are. We are accountable for our immediate surroundings. Who we choose to spend time with determines whether we want to advance or retreat. In The Laws of Human Nature, Robert Greene writes that “people are naturally more emotional and permeable to the moods of others.” Utilise this aspect of human nature to your advantage by infecting the group with the right emotions. Create a group of friends who will lift you up, make you better, and desire the best for you. Create this through leading by example. Show them the possibilities. Start a contagious good vibe, and make sure everyone is in the mood.

Challenge Yourself – Your reputation with yourself determines your level of self-esteem. Do difficult things. Experiment with being uncomfortable. Consider losses as lessons rather than as indicators of your quality. Take it to the brink to see how far you can push yourself. The right amount of difficulty should challenge you beyond what you’re accomplishing now without putting you in danger or wearing you thin. You are not pushing yourself hard enough if you are not failing frequently. It implies that you aren’t operating at your best. That would be such a waste. With you in it, the world is a better place. And may we have the finest possible representation of you? Although you owe it to us, your true obligation is to yourself.

In conclusion – We’re all still developing. That’s a fun aspect to it. Be your own best friend and fight to maintain your self-confidence so you may be who you are. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Though it is simple, it is not simple. You have the chance to act every day. Additionally, every deed counts as a vote for the sort of person you want to become. Don’t put what you don’t want to be into practise.

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  1. gpavants says:


    I agree that there is a fine balance to achieve. It’s always a fine line to display confidence. Thanks,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Absolutely Gary. Confidence doesn’t just show up when we succeed. We start to succeed when we are confident because we know we deserve success. We have the confidence to take the first step towards our goals. We have the confidence to believe in ourselves. We have the confidence to show up. It all starts with a choice.


  2. Maryanne says:

    Beautiful post! Some people falsely mistake confidence for arrogance, when it’s not. And that attitude forces many to deliver an air of false modesty, which isn’t cool. We all need to celebrate our successes and the successes of each other. Hiding or belittling your success isn’t healthy. Keep shining! This blog article is great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      I agree Maryanne. You should be selfish.
 “Selfish” has always been a word that’s received negatively. Apparently putting yourself before other people makes you a bad person and if you want to be considered a “good person” you must never ever think about yourself. It’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time, so why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to do so? Try thinking about yourself and putting your needs first.


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