Another Manifestation How To Guide


Yes, because I can’t get enough and as much as I resist the urge, I have to write one or two each week. Bear with me.

Why is it that you can’t have what you want? Because you’re preventing yourself from obtaining what you desire, the solution is straightforward. AVOID THEREFORE. Since we all first heard about “the law of attraction” and “manifestation,” we have wondered whether these concepts actually operate. You see, this is the catch. If you don’t TRULY BELIEVE it will, it won’t work. What am I to know? It worked when I tested it, so… Hey, Shawn Mendes does it, and it obviously works for him.

We must first exert mental control since everything in this universe that has been constructed is the consequence of mental manifestation. What we put into the world will likewise be highly accidental if we lack the ability to maintain our brains in the state that we desire. The foundation for building the world we desire around us is learning to construct it in our imaginations.

The following four dimensions:

  • Physical body.
  • Mind.
  • Emotions.
  • Life energy at its core.

Any desire you have may be realised if all three factors are working together. From a compulsive state to a conscious state, you transition once you organise your thoughts.

‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Manifestation’ distinction: You can utilise the affirmation “I will attract what I want into my life” in order to use the “law of attraction.” As opposed to “manifestation,” which involves making the statement “I will attract what I am into my life,” You mentally see and genuinely think that you are the person you aspire to be. Then and only then will it come to pass. To boost your vibrations, you must immediately let go of negative ideas, let go of the past and the future, and fully live in the present.

Affirmations for manifestation: The first step is to come up with an affirmation (or affirmations) that reflect who you want to be and the sort of person you want to be. However, you must phrase your affirmations as though you really are that person and already possess what you desire in the present. Additionally, you must genuinely believe it to be true (I cannot stress this enough). For instance, if you want to be someone who earns a lot of money, you may use an affirmation like, “I am so grateful and happy that I am wealthy.”

The second step is to have faith that you already possess it. Replace any doubts you may have with “I know it’s coming” if you have any.

Third step: accept it. Begin to feel good about it; experience how you would feel after obtaining it. Feel those feelings and embody them.

Manifestation Procedures

The 333 Method: Choose an affirmation and write it down in your manifestation diary 33 times over the course of three days at the same time each day.

The 555 Method asks you to choose an affirmation and write it in your manifestation diary fifty-five times over the course of five days at the same time each day.

Scripting in your manifestation journal: Describe your ideal life in as much detail as you can, in the present tense. Writing it ought to be done as if you already are the person you want to be and own all that you want. If you want to be a little extra, play some frequency music in the background while doing this for at least 12 minutes each day. Say the affirmations, “I am so happy that my desires are on the way,” and then really mean it. And I’m so glad that a brighter day is approaching.

Close your eyes, centre yourself with three deep breaths, and then see yourself in every state of fulfilment. Again, you must act as though you already own all you seek in the present and are who and what you want to be. After experiencing it, loving it, and letting it go, feel it.

Use the “ten minute technique” and picture finding out that everything you’ve ever desired is now yours. Your physical reality, however, does not change. Most likely, you’re asking yourself, “Why the eff should I do that?” If you knew ten minutes ago, wouldn’t your physical reality remain the same? However, you would undergo internal transformation. You would all of a sudden feel hopeful and enthusiastic about the future. It’s an excellent approach to use visualisation to deceive your mind into thinking you received that wonderful news.

It’s crucial to let go of everything and give the universe control after using one or more of the aforementioned approaches. DO NOT question it or stress over it. You’ll receive everything. This method cannot be questioned. Consider it as if you are placing a restaurant order for food. You don’t second-guess your order or wonder if it will actually arrive at the table. You anticipate that it will ultimately be placed on the table. Consider this similarly: You’ve placed an order with the cosmos, and it will eventually arrive.

Last but not least, list 10 things for which you are thankful after each manifestation session. The power of gratitude and contentment is immense. You may vibrate at a higher frequency as a result, and I’ve found that the universe rewards having a thankful and satisfied mentality. Now I’m going to manifest that you all read this blog post and brought all of your wishes to fruition.

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